October Half Term 2014

We always seem to suck when it comes to organising things to do over the school holidays. I tend to plan in my head but never put those plans into action. This October half term has been completely different to our usual school holidays. It feels like we haven’t stopped!

It started on Saturday with P1 going away for the weekend with her Grandparents. She stayed in a Yurt and did a bit of Glamping. She came back on Monday morning. Whilst she was away I did a bit of housework and we went to the local nature trail with P2 & P3. Unfortunately P2 wasn’t too well over the weekend so our choice of things to do was limited.


On Monday, hubby took P1 & P2 to a little animal park with my MiL and BiL whilst I enjoyed some time with P3 and even managed to do some more housework. P1 then went for a sleepover round my MiLs.

We didn’t pick her up until Tuesday afternoon when we went for a very yummy roast chicken dinner. It felt like such a long time since I’d seen my MiL and I got to have a lovely catch up with her. Everyone has been ill – my BiL, then P1 and then P2, with hubby and I having slight snuffles.

Wednesday was a rest day. We were expecting a few deliveries so spent the day doing a bit of housework and just chilling. P1 ended up taking herself for a nap which was very unusual and I had a tiny snooze with P2 & P3 on the sofa. It was actually a really lovely day.

On Thursday hubby went to Sainsburys to take advantage of their 25% off clothes sale. P2 has suddenly grown into aged 2-3years and I realised we had little clothes for her. He picked up some fabulous stuff. It’s funny because he always picks good bits for the girls.

We went back to Essex on Friday to visit my Grandad and hubby’s Nan. We had breakfast in Grandad’s “office” aka the Whetherspoon pub/restaurant and then went took the girls to hubby’s Nan before later dropping P1 off for yet another weekend sleepover. It was a bad day with P3!

halfterm grandad

Whilst with my Grandad, P1 got up to plenty of things. She went to London to see the poppies at the Tower of London and to Buckingham Palace again. They also did painting with apples and leafs, baking gingerbread men and by the sounds of it really enjoying each other.

I’ve actually really missed her whilst she’s been gone this half term but she’s had a pretty amazing time. P2 has missed her play buddy too!

What have you got up to this half term?


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  1. Wow! It sounds like you’ve been very busy! A great half term 🙂

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