We’re Off On A Dream Holiday To Orlando

I get sent blogging opportunities near enough daily. Some are just not of interest, some are fun and some are so dreamy you feel a little giddy about them. A few weeks ago, I was amongst hundreds who applied to go on a blog trip to Orlando and I felt there really was no chance in hell that my little blog would get picked. It was the type of opportunity I always seem to miss out on.

On Monday two weeks ago, whilst casually sitting in the park with two of my friends and their kiddies (oh and their new puppy) an email popped up on my Apple Watch. The subject was “MN Bloggers and Universal Orlando Resort”. I quickly opened up my phone to check the email. On the full subject was “it’s you” at the very end and I think my heart stopped for a moment. 

Shivers went down my spine, my friends asked if I was ok as I lost my words. I had been picked for a dream holiday! My little family. All of five of us were heading to Orlando. In the next few weeks! I immediately phoned my hubby and his words were “oh my gosh” in a rather girly squeal. Followed by, “you need to get home because we need to sort out passports”.


And so I have spent the past two weeks feeling pretty darn stressed out and telling myself that it’s a good thing that is stressing me out. I have been to the Passport Office in London three times (twice on one day) due to some issues with P1s application. We’ve not really been able to get excited just in case passports don’t arrive in time to apply for the visas to travel to America. Or that P1s wouldn’t arrive at all.

But it’s finally sorted. I can breathe a sigh of relief and start packing. My little family is off on our first long haul flight together, my first ever flight with hubby. We are off to Universal Studios Orlando for four nights with Virgin Holidays. I still feel like I need to pinch myself and have spent two weeks feeling sick from butterflies in my tummy but also complete joy. I am literally so excited!!

All that’s left to say is – does anyone have any tips for flying long haul with three small children?!

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