Open Farm Sunday 2017

I was made aware of Open Farm Sunday last year by the good world of social media. We had a brilliant time wandering around with a rather cute little P3. As soon as the date for the next year was released I popped it in my diary. I have been so excited about Open Farm Sunday. For those of you who don’t know, over 1,000 farmers in the U.K. open up their gates to the public for just one day. This year we wanted to go all out and visit as many as we could in the local area. We managed to plan three farms using the map on the Open Farm Sunday website.

The first Farm on our list was Mote Farm. This is found literally just down the road from the National Trust’s Ightham Mote entrance. We arrived not long after opening and it was already busy. As you drove up the road you could see men wearing big yellow hats and three beautiful oast buildings. It cost us £1 per adult to enter and once through the gates P2 immediately caught sight of a beautiful Shetland pony. The barns had stalls selling organic and home made products. There was also a barn with children’s activities and the girls really enjoyed decorating a pot and planting sunflowers to take home.

There was also a Victorian Farm set up closer to Ightham Mote. We popped in there and the girls loved milking a pretend cow, watching a lady spin wool and especially enjoyed learning how to make butter. In fact P1 was completely mesmerised by the process and is extremely proud of herself.

We then headed to Romshed Farm. We were hands a map of the grounds which looked a little confusing. We headed up to the buildings and I felt sort of nostalgic as it really resembled the farm I used to stay on with my Grandparents when I was growing up. After already buying some fresh apple juice at Mote Farm, Hubby went off to check out this farms offering. I took the girls to explore the kids activities.

The girls asked so many questions and were fascinated by the Bees. This farm was definitely more animal focused with chickens, sheep, pigs and cows. We ended up getting a tiny bit lost on our adventure across the fields but I think it added to the excitement of farming. We were able to get really close to the pigs and P3 enjoyed following them around.

We actually changed our minds last minute about the last farm on our list. Instead we decided to go back to Park Farm which was the one we went to last year. It was so incredibly busy, just like last year, but we were able to grt really close to the cows and see them be milked. We then wandered round to where they had tractors and machinery on show, some of which you could climb into.

We came away having spent a solid chunk of our day visiting farms in our sandals, feeling very happy. P1 had her own knob of butter, all the girls had sunflowers to grow and Hubby bought many different fresh juices which will probably be consumed within 24 hours. I, of course, took videos from our day and have made a vlog from it.

I am waiting for next year’s date to be confirmed so I can pop that in my diary and plan which farms to visit. I would really like to venture a little further and see other farms next time. I would highly recommend it to anybody, especially as some of the farms have free entry!

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea. I’ll definitely try and go next year xx

  2. Oh this sounds so fun! I had no idea this existed – will keep an eye out next year! X

  3. what a fun day out up close with the animals! How fun to pretend to milk cows. very good learning experience. We’ve been to Igtham Mote before and its lovely isn’t it? x

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