Opening Breyer Pocket Box Cats & Pocket Box Dogs

Does anybody else’s mini humans enjoy watching unboxing video after unboxing video? My girls do and have learnt so much about the different collectible toys they’ve watched be open before their eyes. I was really excited when DKL Toys sent us two huge boxes full of blind bags to open.

The girls requested that they created a video of them unboxing the blinds bags, I’ll leave that here for you to endure as there’s a lot of “aww it’s adorable” squeals.

We had been sent the Breyer Pocket Box Cats and Breyer Pocket Box Dogs. Like all blind bags they are collectable toys and these particular ones have 24 cute characters to collect in both the dogs and cats. They are sealed inside a bag so you cannot tell which ones you will get.

Each blind bag contains two dogs (or cats), an accessory and sticker. They come inside a cute little match box pocket box which is a great idea to keep them contained and each box has a different picture on too relevant to either cats or dogs.

The toys themselves are teeny tiny. They have a rubbery feel to them and are slightly bendy rather than being solid plastic. The little accessories are things like scratching posts, bowls and beds. I really like that the set comes with an accessory as it helps to kick start their imaginations for game play.

Each of the blind bag packs costs £2.50 each. I think this is a reasonable price and my girls really enjoyed matching up the dogs and cats to the pictures. We have kept them in the little match boxes for organisation as I can see them going missing quite easily. Don’t forget to watch the video for these! The Pocket Box Dogs and Pocket Box Cats are great for any blind bag lover or collectable fanatic.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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