Opposites Attract

It’s been a very long day today. P1 started our day with an argument over food and then over wearing tights. My Mum had booked the day off to spend with us so having it start so dramatically was a little frustrating!!

P2 had the horrible visit to the nurses room to be jabbed in the thighs. This time one in her left leg and two in her right leg. The poor little mite bled for what seemed like forever on her right leg.

20130529-065334 PM.jpg
We then had a lovely breakfast like usual in the Roebuck with my Grandparents.

Then the most exciting part of my day… Wedding dress shopping!!! I was really nervous, I’m not at peace with my body yet but I’m leaving it quite fine to order a dress. That was confirmed when the lady said that “these dresses take 4-5months to arrive” What?!?!? So I tried to stay clear of that rack.

I tried on a few but none really jumped out at me. The assistant pretty much forced me to try on a dress she’d got new in. It looked terrible and certainly not what I wanted or expected from my wedding dress. But I put it on just to prove to her that I hated it.

It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’m now even more excited for my wedding day. Seeing my OH face light up when he sees me. I’m so glad I let her persuade me and she clearly knows how to do her job.

My Nan has been very generous. Too generous really, it’s a really expensive dress. But she’s happy, I’m happy and I hope my picky OH will be happy too.

We then went to Monsoon to see if they had the bridesmaid dresses I want for the girls… They did! P1 tried hers on, complete with shoes, tiara and handbag. She looked beautiful, even more stunning than me, but I’m bias.

Her shoes have a little heel on them and she kept saying “look Mummy I’m like a grown up”. She was so excited.

20130529-070042 PM.jpg

20130529-070038 PM.jpg
Little P2 has been rather emotional this evening. I feel for her. She doesn’t even want boobie! And I’ve passed my germs onto my OH and he’s now on deaths door. ooooooooops.

Good night all!

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