Orchard Toys Look and Find Alphabet Jigsaw

As a child I used to love doing puzzles. Don’t judge me for blowing my own trumpet, but I was pretty good! Strangely enough two of my three daughters have followed in my footsteps with not only a love for puzzles but a skill for them too. My eldest has lost a little bit of interest as she’s grown older but P3 is still very much intrigued.

As you may be aware, we are an Orchard Toys Blogger and have loved being a part of such a brilliant brand for children. Sometimes I think they can read my mind because a few weeks ago they offered me a puzzle to review. With my youngest daughter obsessed with doing puzzles, I couldn’t say no. They have a new range of Jigsaws and I picked the Look and Find Alphabet Jigsaw for P3 to get her little brain on.

You may be thinking surely a puzzle is a puzzle, but this is definitely different to anything I’ve solved in my past. The box has two jigsaws inside. One has the alphabet with little pictures relating to the letter, the other jigsaw is a scene to complete. As always, the Orchard Toys Jigsaw is brilliant quality, the pieces are thick which are great for little fingers grabbing at the pieces, the pictures are bright and bold.

P3 is just starting to learn and recognise some letters from her time at preschool. These jigsaws and doing jigsaws in general really help to promote observational, memory and hand eye coordination skills. With the alphabet too it is teaching language and literacy. I always find it so intriguing watching P3’s little face as she finds the different colours, shapes and pieces to put together.

Once she had put both puzzles together, she actually did really quickly, we had the opportunity to push her exploring and learning even further. We took each letter one by one, sounding them out and then saying what the picture was. We then looked at the scene picture and found the corresponding pictures. She loved it! Honestly she was so engaged by this puzzle and there are so many different ways you can use it to play and learn.

The puzzle is suitable from 3 years plus and costs £8. I’d highly recommend it. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Our Thoughts

Value For Money

A super durable and bright puzzle to aid learning for small children. The puzzle pieces are thick so are perfect for little hands.

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  1. I love how this can be used for more than just puzzles – I used to love puzzles and have been doing online jigsaws recently. They are a bit addictive haha!

    • It’s a really good puzzle. I have a 1000 piece one but I know as soon as I get those out that the kittens will destroy it.

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