Organic September with Waitrose

It’s Organic September (Well it was at the time of starting this challenge, a certain little princess decided to make an appearance) and we were challenged by Waitrose to go swap one of our meals each day whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner for a duration of seven days.

I’m not an organic buyer. The basic definition of organic food, is food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods on organic farms. There’s many rules for organic farmers and organic food does come at a price. We realised that whilst shopping for our organic ingredients at Waitrose.


I planned some meals and we spent £60.34. There was 3 chickens, 2 packs of mince, 2 packs of sausages, various vegetables, cheese, chopped tomatoes, children’s fromage frais and porridge included in that. Plus a few little extras that weren’t organic like Ben & Jerry’s icecream. What?! Blame the pregnancy hormones!

day 1 - jacket potato

On day one we cooked some organic potatoes and used grated organic cheese to create a simple jacket potato dinner. This is actually P1s favourite meal at the moment so she was very pleased. Being the first ever organic meal I’ve made or eaten myself, there was something that made me feel quite adult, healthy and sophisticated.

day 2 - porridge

We had porridge on day two. It was quite funny when I found organic porridge oats. I had joked about it before shopping saying “I wonder if they do organic porridge oats”. We’ve been having porridge a lot the past few months, it’s the only breakfast that keeps me full and that P2 will eat early in the mornings. Again I felt a huge sense of achievement after eating this breakfast and it gave me a warm fussy feeling that I was feeding goodness to my girls.

day 3 - sausage

We enjoyed sausages, mash and onion gravy on the third day. All cooked with organic ingredients except the oil and gravy granules… Ssssshhh!! This meal took forever to prepare and the sausages seemed to take a life time to cook properly, I’m not sure if it’s because of the type of sausage?! But I was cooking exactly how I always cook sausages. It was a gorgeous lunch though.

day 4 - yogurt

On the fourth day, we swapped our Fromage Frais snack for an organic kids yoghurt. It’s not exactly a meal I know but my girls are used to munching on the supermarket’s very cheapest own branded Fromage Frais.

day 5 - roast chicken

On day five, my MiL cooked us a lovely Roast Chicken dinner. Everyone who reads this or knows me well will know that I’m partial to a roast. We used our organic potatoes, carrots and chicken to create an extremely yummy roast dinner.

day 6 - cottage pie

I haven’t made a cottage pie for a long time. So on day 6 I got up and used pretty much all of my energy to create a delicious cottage pie. This was made with the organic mince, organic peas, organic chopped tomatoes and potatoes. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

day 7 - cottage pie left overs

We had loads of left overs from the cottage pie as I’d made a pretty big one and with a new baby to occupy us all it was extremely handy to be able to have the leftovers on day 7. This meal also marked the last day of our organic challenge.

Do I feel healthier? I’m not sure. I feel like by eating organic I’ve made some healthy choices for my family. But the cost is just so high and you can understand why a family would opt for a cheaper, maybe unhealthier version. We’ve really enjoyed creating home cooked meals this week though, take a look here for some more organic meal ideas. Even if we were slightly delayed in getting the post up due to a little madam being born half way through!


(We were given a £60 Waitrose Gift Card to help with buying the ingredients for the Organic Challenge. However, all photos and opinions are of my own)

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  1. The meals you made look delicious! I can’t afford to buy organic food as I’m living off a student budget haha.

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  2. The sausages take longer to cook because organic sausages have more meat and are less processed. Even your branded Richmond sausages contain an awful amount of water (but they are so yummy) so will cook quicker as there’s less meat to well, cook!

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