How To Be Organised: Tips From The Experts

Organisation – for some it’s a dirty word that might mean ‘complete life overhaul’ or ‘total disruption of everyday routine’. For those who are not organised, the concept can feel like an arduous task, put there to set them up to fail… like that diet you tried to sustain in the New Year until the first weekend in January when someone suggested pizza.

But there are plenty of experts offering lots of tips and tricks when it comes to being organised, and here are a few you can apply to the most important aspects of your everyday life:

Being organised at home

If your cupboards are spilling out with junk and you aren’t sure when you last got behind the sofa to give it a clean then take some advice from the guys at Good Housekeeping. They recommend easy to implement tasks such as setting up a mail station in your entrance way so you can tackle those bills and important letters when the pile mounts, which adds nicely to a more organised way of living.

They also suggest using under bed storage to maximise space and keep things neat. It’s also worth having a good de clutter every now and then to minimise the amount of stuff you have to keep neat and tidy; pop items you want to save for later in a storage unit. Alligator Storage has plenty of smaller sized units available for reasonable prices.

Being organised for work

Is your work suffering due to your poor organisation? Cory Cook, Managing Director of Cory Cook Ltd, recommends you start planning for the next day today and implement a “10-15 minute routine as part of your shut-down to wrap up loose ends and prioritise key tasks.” It’s a good way of feeling better about getting up the next morning, knowing what still needs to be done. 


Being organised in life

Forget everyone’s birthday? Have to cancel dinner dates at the last minute because you’ve double booked? It might be time to get some organisational skills in your general everyday life. A diary might be a nice idea but how often will you check it? Instead, use something you know you’ll see every day such as your phone. 

Download the Countdown+ app and input everything you plan and birthdays for the year ahead, the app will send you push notifications for important events up to six months before so you never miss a special occasion again.

 Being organised with money

Organised people are often better with their money, they usually have a healthy savings account that they contribute to regularly and rarely have to dip into their overdraft as they near the end of the month. 

Get your finances organised and the rest will follow. An app could come in handy again (the guys at the Keep Inspiring Me website recommend the Quicken or Mint to download) but if you’re looking for a simple money tracker to see where your hard earned cash is going then the Spending app is free and easy to use. 

Being organised is all about taking some time out to assess your situation and carefully working through what you already in place. You’ll get there eventually with some patience and by taking some of these tips on board.

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  1. I like the way you’ve split everything into 4 major categories. I could agree more with you. It’s hard to be organized, this gives me a good start.

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