Our Bank Holiday Weekend

I hadn’t even realised it was Bank Holiday weekend until someone reminded me there was no school on Monday. The girls were due to spend the weekend with my Mum in Essex, I hadn’t realised it was going to be a long weekend.

Hubby and I met my Mum half way, at Ikea Thurrock. After saying our goodbyes to the girls, Hubby and I went shopping. We love Ikea at the moment, followed by some Primark shopping, makeup shopping and then Tesco. Hubby is quite frugal with money but this time he was popping lots of treats for us.

The weather was absolutely glorious. The plan for our childfree weekend was to put up our new climbing frame. It had been arranged for my MiL’s partner to come over to help Hubby, as I’m only a half person and it requires two to build. I got myself busy digging and levelling out the ground further.

Then we had a text from my Mum. The remaining two children had come up in chickenpox. Due to my mum’s kidney transplant and being on medication that lowers her immune system, she needed to be away from the girls. So they all came back, a day early. I sort of felt cheated. I’d been so busy with the garden that I didn’t get anything I wanted done and had planned to do it on the Monday.

Although both P1 and P3 had high temperatures and were quite sleepy, Monday turned out to be quite lovely. P2 was able to play on the trampoline, help Hubby with the lawn mowing and generally we pottered about. I actually felt quite emotional seeing the girls happily playing in our very own garden for the first time.

There’s something about bright weather, the heat from the sun and being able to wear a small amount of clothes. It makes everything feel so much better. Life was good over the weekend and although I hadn’t had the chance to regenerate my tiredness and stress levels, we ended up having lots of family time. I even managed to cook a lamb roast dinner for my MiL and co too.

How was your bank holiday weekend?

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  1. Elizabeth Cole

    I’m sorry to hear P1 and P3 have chicken pox – I hope they’re OK now.

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