Our Bedtime Routine With Moonlite Storybook Projector

I don’t know about you but my life as a parent is hectic. There’s so much going on throughout the entire day like ferrying the kids to school or a club, the endless laundry washing, the cooking and the organisation of everything. The kids have so much going on with all the learning they do throughout a school day, the park trips, clubs after school and constant playing. Life is hectic.

When it comes to bedtime I like to focus on it being a peaceful part of our day, I mean as peaceful as it can be with my three wild daughters. I wanted to share with you what our bedtime routine looks like as a busy mum of three. I hope you enjoy.

Our routine will vary depending on the day of the week that it is. I do like to keep it the same though so that the girls can find tranquility in a routine rather than not knowing.

The wind down for bedtime will start with dinner. Our dinner usually happens at around 5:30pm. This gives them about half an hour to eat before we head upstairs for a bath. We nearly always eat at the table as a family, all having the same meal. I actually love this because it’s a bonding experience and a chance for us to talk and share about our day with each other.

The girls are usually allowed 15 minutes to play whilst Hubby runs them a bath. I count myself as incredibly lucky to have him around to help with every bedtime and the girls adore his input too. Although he is the one who energises them at inappropriate times of our bedtime routine.

Whilst the girls are in the bath I quickly lay out their pyjamas, sort out a story and their bedtime drinks. I also make sure we have towels to hand. Then I lay in the hall say just outside the bathroom so I can see them and rush to them but not interfere with their games.

All three of my girls share a bath together. The half an hour they spend in there is usually the one part of the day where they are laughing and playing really nicely. Obviously this can turn completely upside down with one teeny splash. That usually marks time to get out.

We wash their hair on a Sunday only, anyone with a daughter will know that hair washing is a nightmare and very time consuming. Times it by three, I’m pretty sure you can guess why we do it once a week. On hair wash night we tend to get them out one by one, where Hubby brushes and dries their hair in turn. The girls won’t allow me to do it anymore as I don’t have much patience for the whining that comes with brushing.

I love to read the girls a story each bedtime. It’s a great way for them to explore their own imaginations by listening and looking at storybooks. We were recently sent the Moonlite Storybook Projector to try out. At first I was a bit sceptical. It looked like another gimmicky thing that would be a bit of a one time wonder.

The Moonlite Storybook Projector is a little device that clips over your phone. It works on nearly all phone and tablet devices I was a little worried about putting pressure on my brand new iPhone XS Max, but the clip is quite gentle with a rubbery clamp. I love that the clip is a little star which coincides with the whole night time, bedtime routine.

It uses your phones flash to project story reels onto your wall, ceiling, or wherever actually. You are able to adjust the focus of the picture by turning the little wheel which is great as you can view from afar on a wall or up on something closer. The little set we had included five story wheels.

You could definitely use the story reels on their own in my opinion, but you’d have to make up the stories yourself. However, the app is free to download on Apple and Android phones. It initially takes you through a step by step how to guide which is great. It even has a little bullseye type thing to show you exactly where to place the clip so that you get the best projection.

We had five included in our kit; Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and The Bean Stalk, The Ugly Duckling, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Sago Mini On Vacation. The app really brings these stories to life.

The words appear on screen for you to read through, their are ringed words which you can click that make sound effects and there’s music playing in the background. You can adjust the volume of the sound effects and the background music separately which is great.

After the girls have got into their pyjamas, we either snuggle on my bed or on the sofa in their room. They pick a story reel for the Moonlite Storybook Projector and we switch off the lights. It’s a great excuse to just be still and quiet as we calm down for bed.

I know I’m going to sound cheesy but the Moonlite Storybook Projector has changed the way we read at bedtime. The girls absolutely love this part of the day. The Gift pack costs £39.99 which includes 5 stories, the start pack costs £19.99 and includes 2 stories and then you can buy additional story reels for about £8 each.

After finishing the story we send P1 to her room where she’s allowed to either do homework, read or draw pictures with her light low to help her body switch down. Whilst she’s doing that, I’m in with P2 and P3.

P2 and P3 have got into a routine of Hubby putting them into bed and tucking them in. I love that our bedtimes are a joint effort in all aspects. All of the girls are given a bottle of water to go to bed with and the lights are switched off.

I’m really cheeky because I use the time that P2 and P3 settle to pop headphones in, sit on their sofa in their room and watch YouTube on my iPad. The girls each spend a few minutes interrupting me with some talking and then they fall asleep.

If bedtime has gone well then P2 and P3 will be asleep before 8pm. At 8pm I exit their room and go to say goodnight to P1, turn her light off and shut her door.

I love our little bedtime routine. It’s taken so many years to find something that works for all three girls and our family. What does your routine look like?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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