Our Christmas 2019

I am sorry that I am still mentioning the C-word this far into January, but it helps to ease my own January/post-Christmas blues. Hands up if you are already thinking ahead for Christmas 2020?

Christmas 2017 and 2018 didn’t feel like Christmas at all for me. I didn’t even get round to blogging about 2018 at all. It was horrific. But I don’t want to dwell on it now, instead, it gave me that oomph to make sure this Christmas was a magical one.

The girls woke up at around 6 am, I was a mean mummy and made them go back to bed for an hour more so we could all wake up properly. Then we gathered at the stairs to venture down as a family.

Our tree is conveniently placed by the door to our living room so they were initially greeted by their Father Christmas presents. Father Christmas delivers mainly joint presents in this household, things to bring them all together and this year the girls were pleased. Books had been delivered and craft items too.

This year we had reigned in our spending quite a bit. We are known to go a little overboard on pressies. This year we put a budget of £100 per child and made sure we were thoughtful with our gifts.

We then put the gifts into sacks this year. Usually, we bundle them up on the sofa, but putting them in the sacks made it all very exciting for the girls. I love watching their faces beam with delight at even the tiniest present.

We had a lovely and very relaxed morning at home before heading to my mother-in-law’s for the rest of the day.

Being around family makes Christmas feel like Christmas. It was what was missing from our previous two years. We arrived to find my mother-in-law had bought the girls a huge cuddly Santa Advent for next year and little stockings to get them started.

The girls enjoyed opening their stockings then running around like noisy, overexcited children until it was time for Christmas dinner. Hubby and I enjoyed chatting with other family members and being able to chill out a little. 

Christmas dinner was delicious! It tastes even better when you don’t have the stress of cooking it yourself of course.

My mother-in-law always hosts events well and she’d planned a secret Santa for us to take part in. My secret Santa gifted me a really cute jute bag (the theme was to buy a gift under £5 that begins with the letter of the person you are buying for… so J for Jodie, Jute bag…)

After dinner, we all gathered round to play various board games whilst the kids entertained themselves with iPads and toys! Oh and lots of sugary treats. We gave our gifts to each other and just generally enjoyed the company.

I genuinely had the most magical Christmas this year. Being surrounded by family, chocolate, great food and Christmas music makes it feel so wonderful to me.

I filmed our day, of course, so please take a moment to have a watch. I understand it’s not Christmas anymore but who cares right?


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