Our Experience Of Monstrous Festival

On Sunday we attended our very first family friendly festival, Monstrous Festival. Following the festival social media was on fire with complaints about the festival. I’ve spent a good few days keeping my eye on it all, even responding to a few but sadly putting myself in the limelight of abuse. People judging my own opinions and whether they were truthful or not.

I wasn’t sure whether to write up my review of our experience of Monstrous Festival. There’s clearly a lot of angry and disappointed people ready to be keyboard warriors. But then I realised that whilst we were there at the festival we were having a great time. Hubby, the girls and myself were laughing, bonding and genuinely enjoying ourselves there. So although I’m still slightly concerned to publish this, I still want to be able to freely document our day as that’s why I have my blog.

Ultimately Hubby and I did have some concerns over the safety around the “Beast” which was supposed to be the biggest inflatable in the world but it was chopped in two different areas of the festival and had one part missing. It could definitely have used some safety mats around the outside and much less users on at one time. But the girls loved it and stormed through, leaving Hubby and I catching for breath as we caught up to them.

The entire venue was definitely overcrowded with large queues which was no fun for children sadly. I can see that. However there was lots to do including Princess meets, Hello Kitty lab and cupcake making, a mini cinema for the Ready2Robot cartoon, face painting, roller skating, a games console area, photo booth and even karaoke. There was plenty to be getting on with throughout the session.

I hand on heart can tell you that we had a great time. Yes we were there as part of the press, but we didn’t get any special treatment except that there was a little room for us to mingle which was quieter. I wanted to share the photos from our day for my own memories mainly and also the video I created too. I hope you enjoy watching and looking through all of the photos!

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