Our First Isolation Walk

Despite the lockdown rules in the UK being that you can leave your house for a walk once a day, we didn’t. For 51 days the girls and I stayed in our house or in the garden. Hubby had been out a couple of times in the beginning for food shopping, pharmacy trip and to the post box but that was it.

I had been passionate about making sure our risk of catching this virus was the lowest it possibly could be. So we imprisoned ourselves in the safety of our house and garden.

Overall, being in isolation or lockdown hasn’t been too bad. But at the point of writing this, over the past week or so, Freya’s mood has deteriorated and we’ve seen aggressive episodes. She just seems so down.

Then during a conversation with Eva I suggested we post a letter to a family member at which point she responded with “I’m scared to leave the house in case I get coronavirus”.

It suddenly dawned on me that underneath the smiles, the excitement of movie after movie, the water fun in the garden and getting extra iPad time, my girls mental health was suffering and they had a far greater understanding than I had thought.

I had been toying with the idea of going for a short walk in the coming weeks, but this week it felt like we really needed to get out and not just because we could. I hope that makes sense.

I thought my anxiety about leaving the house would come up with excuses to stay indoors but instead I just got our shoes on and off we went.

I’m not sure it benefited us much, however it was wonderful to stretch our legs and witness that the world hadn’t fallen apart around us. There is life outside of our own home. My girls smiled and it did feel good.

I got home a little out of breath from anxiety but feeling content. Going for a walk won’t be on our daily agenda, possibly a weekly thing but most likely just when the going gets real tough.

Here’s a photo from our walk. The first family lockdown photo and if you look closely, Eva is giving you some back to front peace signs. Sums the current situation up perfectly.

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