Our First L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop Review

Somehow we’ve managed to steer clear of the craze that is hitting little girls across the world. The L.O.L Dolls. I remember there being huge hype over the large edition ones that cost loads of money and it sort of put me off because I didn’t know enough. Then we were sent three of the L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop balls to open up and tell you all what we think.

The girls were absolutely thrilled. I think they’ve watched many videos on YouTube about them so they knew exactly what they were doing when it came to unwrapping them. 

So the balls are done in layers. These Series 3 versions of the Confetti Pop balls have 9 surprises. There are over 35 different dolls and accessories to collect which are all interchangeable with each other (the accessories).

The ball was like a mechanical contraption mixed with a pass the parcel game. To start with you unwrap layers of plastic around the ball to reveal stickers, tattoos and clues to what may be inside the ball itself.

Then the real fun begins as the girls pop off the little plastic doors that hide away various blind bags in a circle. We created a video on YouTube just so you can actually see what I’m talking about with the unboxing process, it’s a whole skill of its own!

In the smaller doors you get the accessories for your L.O.L Doll. It’s a eye piece, drink cup, shoes and outfit. Thankfully we got totally different accessories in each of the three balls we had been sent.

As you open each smaller door, there is a material zipper that has to be pulled really hard. All the girls needed help with this part. It literally pops off spraying confetti, a large blind bag and collectors guide all over you. Honestly, apart from the mess created I thought this was a brilliant concept to the blind bag craze.

The surprise part of the L.O.L Dolls is that each one does something different in water. They could be a pee one, spraying water from ears or mouth, or they could simply change colour when put in warm or cold water. Each of the girls had a different surprise doll. Two changed colour, one sprayed from her ears. The little drinks cups also fill and spray water too.

I do think that the L.O.L Surprise Balls cost quite a bit of money for what is included but we had so much fun unboxing them and finding out what was inside. There’s also a LOT of plastic rubbish in the aftermath too.

Since we got them the girls have been asking for more and I’ve found them regularly playing outside, in the sink and generally making up games with them. L.O.L Dolls are definitely cute and I can totally see the attraction. I loved the Confetti feature too.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Our Thoughts

Value For Money

Lots of fun to unwrap the sections to reveal dolls and accessories. Great little collectable toy.

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  1. I quite like the confetti idea to make it a bit off a celebration!

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