Our First Night At Home

We’ve just encountered our first night and morning as a family of five. P3 and I were discharged at 6pm yesterday following some great blood test results that meant she no longer needed antibiotics and therefore was no reason for her or me to be in hospital.

We got home at the girls bedtime. I’d promised P1 she could have a quick cuddle before she went to bed. It was from then that we realised we are completely outnumbered. P3 kept crying, she’d had a nappy change and a feed but she just wouldn’t settle unless with me, quite like how she was her first night in the hospital. So I was stuck and P2 was getting more and more tired. Hubby ended up putting P2 to bed which I felt really guilty about because despite the problems we have, I really missed putting her to bed and being the one to settle her. I miss P2!

As expected our night was rough. Whenever P3 cried, P2 would wake and cry too. I thought I’d be able to be in two places at once or at least manage it but I just couldn’t. By 2am, hubby had set up camp alongside P2s bed leaving me in our bed with P3. For me, the night then went quite smoothly. P3 woke every two hours for a feed and slept quite peacefully in between.

Then morning came. I’d been awake since 6am with P3 who was quite alert and looking around. We went to wake the girls at 7:20. I attempted to cook porridge just like normal but couldn’t stir it properly with one hand so hubby had to help hold P3. We managed to sit and eat our breakfast whilst P3 fed.

P1 then decided to cause a war with getting her uniform on. This isn’t something that happens anymore so it was really frustrating. It took her 20minutes, a lot of prompting, several disciplines and tears for hubby to get her out the door and in the car.

I’m currently sat with P2 having cuddles and P3 snoozing in the bouncer. I’m feeling like I’m failing but know it just needs time for us to find our feet, get organised and for P3s feeds to be a bit more regular. It’s all so new but it’s not had a fantastic start so far.


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  1. Glad you are home now even if it is hectic. You are not failing – it will take time to find your feet and adjust to being five and you will get there. Hope you can get some rest in amongst all the hecticness and enjoy those precious moments with your family xx

  2. Congratulations Jodie! 3 gorgeous girls! You seem to be doing good better than I do with one! Then again tho I have a boy!

  3. Huge congratulations – sounds like it’s been a hectic few days but glad you’re all home and well. Think I may stop reading birth stories from now on in…!

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