Our First Pumpkin Patch Trip

I had absolutely no intentions to go to a pumpkin patch ever! We always buy our pumpkins from the supermarket around a week before Halloween.

Then all the photos starting popping up on social media and I definitely had this urge to visit a pumpkin patch purely for the photos. That’s the blogger in me you see.

I researched a few local ones in Kent because quite frankly I had no idea where to start. It was quite shocking seeing just how many farms had pick your own pumpkins! We ended up picking Pumpkin Moon UK which actually has two venues. Our closest being in Maidstone about half an hour away.

It probably sounds so silly but I had no idea what to expect from a pumpkin patch. I just desperately wanted some cute photos of the girls with pumpkins.

The above four photos were all taken within the first five minutes. We arrived to a very busy field in the countryside just off the main off. They had a rainbow of wheelbarrows all lined up ready to be loaded with pumpkins.

The first field was a little empty although still had a great variety of pumpkins, squash and gourds waiting to be chosen. Between the two pumpkin patches was the Activity Village (more about that later) which we squeezed our way through to the second field. I honestly gasped. The girls ran wild and even Hubby pushed the wheelbarrow in an excited manor.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pumpkin and squash and whatever else was laying on the ground waiting for a home. The colours were amazing too! The following photos really showcase the different colours, shapes and sizes. Personally I loved the grey ones. I’ve got a real thing for the colour grey now.

As you can imagine telling the girls they could pick one pumpkin each went completely out of the window in about thirty seconds flat. P3 specifically adored the teeny tiny ones although she was quite choosy with them. They had to be the right shape, obviously!

P2 really enjoyed helping her sister find the perfect tiny shaped “pom”kins as P3 was calling them. P1 chose a beautiful white one that was really smooth. I am wondering whether we’ll be carving them or painting on them as all of our chosen ones are gorgeous.

The pumpkin patch we’d picked to visit also had some extra activities to pay for. Face painting, story telling and pumpkin painting. I felt that the prices were a little steep so we didn’t take part in those things. They also had a maize maze that was a little bit worse for wear but we enjoyed a quick walk through.

It was lunch time so we did purchase some food at the cafe. The burger and chips we shared was delicious. In fact that burger was huge!! We enjoyed watching others pick their pumpkins, children racing around in fancy dress and just the general atmosphere. It was lovely.

I actually didn’t expect the girls to have as much fun as they did. Even Hubby was enjoying himself so much. I love filming and capturing loads of cute moments of them. It was a little bit like time had stopped still for a moment whilst we were there at Pumpkin Moon. This is definitely going to be a tradition that I want to continue each year.

Did you visit a pumpkin patch this year?

Of course I filmed our beautiful adventure to the pumpkin patch for my YouTube channel. Check it out here!

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