Our New Bedtime Routine

I had drafted up the title of this post with intentions to write about our new bedtime routine. It was back a few weeks ago when I felt we’d finally hit a stage where I was winning the parenting role. We’d had nearly a month of an established routine that worked for us. Then something pooped on my parade before I got the chance to write about it.

Well, I’m going to write about it anyway because I want to remember those amazing few weeks of my parenting journey. It started whilst on holiday actually, in a completely new environment, we were staying in the middle of nowhere and I suddenly felt confident to allow a little bit of controlled crying with P3. Something that worked really well for P1.

What would usually happen at home is P3 falls asleep on our bed then gets transferred into her own bed where the other two would hopefully already be asleep. That worked well as I got to watch some YouTube with my headphones in whilst P3 fell asleep peacefully next to me, but it just took so long and a huge chunk of my evening was taken.


So on returning home from four nights of controlled crying and it going so well that I had gained some evenings back, I decided to carry it on at home. I put all the girls to bed at the same time, shut the door like I do for the other two anyway and waited on the other side. I was shocked when P3 only let out a small whinge and then that was it. Fast asleep. Perfect! That’s the way it was for three weeks and it was bliss. On some nights they were all asleep by 6:30, those with children, you can only imagine the things I got done!

I have no idea what happened but something changed quite drastically and we are back to square one. For about 5, maybe more, nights we have had P3 awake until 10pm. The main reason is because of her very well scheduled naps have gone haywire for no real known reason. She used to nap every single day somewhere between 11am-1pm for around 1-2 hours. Now she’s pushing them back further and further each day.

I don’t think I’m ready for her to drop naps completely yet, I’m certainly not in acceptance of the new, very disrupted bedtime routine. I have no idea how to get back on track because she is a stubborn little sausage if I try to force her to sleep. The time gets later and her mood deteriorates drastically by about 4pm.

I went from winning to failing so blooming quickly that I feel a bit disorientated by it. I need my evenings which probably sounds so selfish and our bedtimes were so strictly laid out before. Is it the brighter evenings? Help!!

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  1. Kelly Donald-Pattullo

    Oh dear, I hope you get back into a routine. Up until about 8 months ago Dexter would wake regularly at night but would go straight back to sleep within seconds. We’ve never really had a routine as such. He usually asks to go to bed which is normally around 8.30 each night, he then sleeps through until 8/8.30. At the moment he still has a 2 hour nap most afternoons – he’s 28 months

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      My middle daughter still wakes too which is why my bedtime has to be so strict. It’s awful when it changes

  2. Sorry things have gone backwards! It’s so frustrating! I find any illness takes us back to square one. x

  3. Oh bless her in these pictures! I agree that you should have evenings to yourself so fingers crossed things improve soon x

  4. Oh no I hope u manage to get her back into a routine. I’ve been very lucky with my son as he’s always been a good sleeper.

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