Our New Cleaning Routine & Win Some Dettol Products

This month has seen some big changes in our house. I have actually managed to keep on top of the housework. It also coincided with the school holidays so it hasn’t been an easy task to keep on top of things and it did fall to pieces one week (the week P1 was away with her Grandparents) but we swiftly put things back on the right track. I wanted to share the things I do now as I was asked about it recently over on Instagram.

For starters, I decluttered everything focussing mainly on the kitchen but I ventured into the lounge and upstairs too. The kids drawer full of plates, bottles and other bits was hit hard with my organising. I donated a whole shopping bag of bits and bobs for kids to charity. We now only have the essentials in there and nothing there as a “just because”. All kitchen cupboards were sorted, cleaned and moved about to become more functional. Our kitchen work surface was also completely cleared and looks so much better too. We also bought some new storage units for the lounge with drawers in which make everything look much nicer to the eye. 


My work surfaces are tidied up throughout the day, mainly the mornings as for some reason I always come down to very random wrappers on the side or drinks (Hubby). I then clean the surfaces with Dettol Surface Cleanser. I feel so much calmer knowing that my surfaces are always clean. I use the spray after every single meal preparation I do, every time I wash up and if anything spills.


Doing the simple decluttering has enabled me to keep things not only tidy but clean too. I hold my hands up to being awful at actually cleaning the house. Keeping it to just the washing up and work surfaces or doing the bathroom once a month. I know disgusting. Well now it’s all very manageable and easy to keep on top with. Each morning I wash up any dishes left from the night before (I hate standing there washing up in the evening when it eats into my “me” time), I then dry it all up and put the stuff away rather than leaving it to air dry and using it from the drainer. Then I’ll use some Dettol Power & Pure Multi Purpose Kitchen spray all over the sink, scrub and then dry with a cloth. I do this after every meal except the very last one of the day. This keeps me on top of the washing up and also gives me piece of mind that not only is my sink sparkly and clean ready and waiting, it also looks fresher.


I’ve also been keeping my window sill really clear. I need to make it a weekly routine to buy some supermarket flowers because they really brighten up my day when I stand and wash up. We’ve also got a new gadget in our kitchen too that I needed to find space for so it has taken pride of place on the window sill near to the sink. It’s an automatic hand soap gadget which is great for mucky children or food prep and also keeps germs at bay!


Our house is busy. We have family visit, three children treading grime across the floor. I do feel quite lucky that the whole of our downstairs is hard floor and not carpet as it gets the most traffic. Every morning I hoover throughout. Every afternoon just after lunch I hoover throughout. Every evening just before bed when P1 helps to pack away any toys, I hoover. Yes I know, I used to sweep once a day but since getting Henry it’s been so easy to just whip him out and hoovering downstairs takes 5 minutes. I mainly have to do this because P3 eats on the floor, that sounds really bad when I write it down, but we don’t have a dining table and the kids sit on the sofa with dinner trays and P3 on the floor. So I have to make sure everything is super clean. I spray the entire floor with Dettol Surface Cleaner once a day, but also clean up the area she eats before and after she eats too.


Heading upstairs and things change quite a bit. For one, it’s completely carpeted except the bathroom. It also gets less traffic again except the bathroom. Oh and the bathroom is my biggest hate when it comes to housework. It’s our smallest room yet take the longest time to clean! Each morning I wipe the toilet seat and sink with Dettol Power & Pure Advance Bathroom Wipes. This is a new addition to my cleaning routine as I’ve only recently got these wipes to review but they will most definitely slip their way in our future shopping basket because they have made it much easier to keep on top with bathroom cleaning. The floor, shower and mirror all get cleaned once every two weeks now which is such an improvement to before when I’d pretty much just clean it when it was filthy because it was a chore I tried to avoid at all costs. Thanks to the wipes I feel more satisfied that the bathroom is fairly clean the majority of the time. I really want to up this to once a week and maybe schedule it in for a Sunday.

I hoover once a week upstairs too. Hubby does this generally but I’m trying to remember to do it every Sunday before bedtime. Every day we tidy up all toys upstairs which over the weekend is generally more but during the week it’s just an odd car or some books here and there. I really need to sort the girls bedroom ahead of Christmas (sorry I mentioned the C word already) as it’s all a little messed up as their room is so tiny. Each morning I gather clothes that have been left on the floor and put into the perfectly hanging wash basket that’s there all the time. We try to keep on top of the clothes washing being five of us but it tends to happen dependent on when the basket is full which then makes folding and putting away a huge task. I really want to do one load each day, tumble dry, fold and put away each evening.

Dusting, changing of bins and general tidying happens as and when. I do quite enjoy dusting as the polish smells delicious. I have found that since changing my habits and becoming more house proud I have seen myself getting irritated by mess and dirt. I actually freak out slightly and I’m so glad I’m adopting this feeling towards my home finally. I lacked it for so long. Our house is nowhere near a show home, that’s for when the kids move out, but it is cleaner and functions much better for our family. One downside of keeping a house organised and clean is that I am finding less time to blog, sit down with my Cosmo magazine and spend proper quality time with the children at home during the day, however we are out a lot so I make up for that bit in other ways.


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  1. Dettol is the best cleaning product I ever used! It cleans perfectly and is antibacterial, which is exactly what I need for my home. I absolutely recommend it to everyone who haven’t try it before!

  2. about an hour a day – more at the weekends

  3. Not long enough! Usually about an hour a day all together, but you can never tell once the children and boyfriend undo it all x

  4. At least and hour and half each day xxx

  5. It’s hard to know cos we do it as we go but approximately 6 hours?!

  6. About 6 hours per week! Forever clearing up after the kids and husband!!!

  7. at least an hour each day then several hours each weekend

  8. About 4 hrs a week

  9. Probably about an hour a day.

  10. at least 10 hours

  11. I dont the wife works all day

  12. Around an hour each day!

  13. About half an hour a day

  14. around 2.

  15. 1hr before bed and a big clean on the weekend being night workers.

  16. Probably around 4 hours per week

  17. I normally have Friday’s as my cleaning day where I blitz the whole house but normally have approx an hour a day doing pots/washing putting toys away!! πŸ™‚

  18. Not sure – just do a little but often to keep on top of everything

  19. About 30 mins per day before/after cooking. 3 hours at the weekend.

  20. if I added it all up throughout the day probably about 2 hours, much more on weekends though

  21. about 10 hours a week

  22. I would guess about an hour or two a day. With a big clean up of a few hours every week

  23. 8-10 hours a week

  24. About an hour a day weekdays and a couple more each day on the weekend so i would say between 9-10 a week

  25. My husband does the cleaning in our house as I have health problems. He spends about two hours a day after work.

  26. I’d estimate about ten but it seems like about forty.

  27. I’m not sure really. I spend a whole morning or afternoon doing a proper deep clean on the 2 days my daughter is at preschool but otherwise it’s just general tidying up, washing on, dishwasher loaded/unloaded, hoover round each day.

  28. too many! i’m obsessive about hoovering and cleaning my work surfaces so probably spend a good few hours cleaning when I add it all up

  29. As little as possible – maybe 30 minutes a day – if I’m at home for a day, then maybe another hour or so

  30. About 20 mins each day then a couple of hours at the weekend.

  31. Around 7 i would guess

  32. about 4 hours a week but we all chip in

  33. Anywhere between 30min to 2 hours a day πŸ™‚

  34. half an hour on weekdays but a lot longer at the weekend, it piles up when you work

  35. About hr a day husband does most of house work

  36. About 30 mins

  37. 20 mins to half an hour each day and then we have a tidy up day on a Sunday and we spend 2 hours as a family giving the whole a house a good going over.

  38. 20 mins to half an hour each day and then on Sundays we have tidy up day and all (Me the hubby and the 2 boys) invest 2 hours getting everything done.

  39. At the moment I’m having a big declutter and clean so it’s taking me a long time! Hopefully when I’m finished it’ll only take me 1-2 hours to do the house πŸ™‚

  40. About 1-2 hours a day

  41. 2 Hours a day to keep on top of things x

  42. Melanie Southey-Hill

    Difficult to add up the time as just do things that need doing as and when πŸ™‚ Suppose about 1hr a day πŸ™‚

  43. Approx 2 hrs per day

  44. I try and do at least two hours a day. So I’ll say 14 although depending on what is going on it can sometimes be more, sometimes less!

  45. An hour each morning and then half an hour in the evening once kids are in bed

  46. A couple of hours a week

  47. easy 2 hours a day if not more so at least 21 which i think is alot eek

  48. Probably about 2 hours a week at most. I have a very small flat.

  49. About 4 or 5 hours a week

  50. Probs all together 10 hours, I guess

  51. About 5 hours per week.

  52. I think it’s about an hour a day – I’d not thought about it before – what I would love to do with that hour!

  53. we try to do a couple of hours a day but we also have a cleaner come every couple of weeks as I have a disability

  54. Never really thought about it probably a couple of hours a day if you add in the constant picking up of toys

  55. about 7 hours a week

  56. an hour each day πŸ™‚

  57. Normally about an hour per day – but more at the weekends!

  58. I would guess about 6 hours a week including laundry, such is life with a 2 and 8 year old.

  59. Overall around 6/7 hours per week, only me and hubby at home now but after Wednesday when Whirlwind Ellie has been another two hours, glad she is past the window licking stage! πŸ™‚

  60. I do a full clean on a Sunday & Thursday (so 90 minutes) & then 15-30 minutes on the other days

  61. ;far too many…I bet I lose a full day a week cleaning :'(

  62. jen louise jackson

    a couple of hours a day

  63. I am really bad at the moment as I have a 3 year old, an 18m old and am heavily pregnant so I just do the bare minimum. 1-2 hours a day I would guess.

  64. If I thought about it I’d start charging!

  65. I’m always cleaning and tidying because I have a ‘clean as you go’ attitude so it’s hard to quantify, but I’d say 2-3 hours for the main weekly clean up.

  66. 1-2 hours a day!

  67. I would have estimated it at about an hour a day but I do have a habit to do a little bit if I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or while on the phone and grab things on my way from one room to the other to put away, so probably a little more.

  68. Probably about 7-10 hours a week, working it out was quite depressing, thats hours that I could be using to sleep!

  69. quite a lot each week I dare not say

  70. Probably around 7 a week

  71. About an hour a day. We have 2 very large dogs who moult and bring a LOT of dirt and dust in with them so if I stay on top of it, it looks better. Then on Friday I have a proper clean for a few hours xx

  72. Angie Hoggett (@angiehoggett)

    about ah hour a day, give or take!

  73. about 2 hours a day x

  74. I do about an hour a day πŸ™‚

  75. About 3 hours a week (life’s too short!)

  76. with a toddler around, not many. Cleaning can wait, she’s only little once

  77. I watched a cleaning programme a while ago and it encouraged me to do an actual schedule, for example… Monday – clean bathroom, clean microwave, clean out fridge,Tuesday – thorough clean of kitchen surfaces and kitchen cupboard fronts and clean and organise one cupboard/drawer and so on. It was going well until the school holidays started… when it all went to pot, ha, ha. Will have to get back into it now as it makes a massive difference. Keeping on top of the house though isn’t just the cleaning obviously, but also laundry, grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking, etc. – it’s hours each day if you add it all up…. but just for the cleaning part each day varies but probably about 10 hours a week. I do it all – I work part-time and my husband works full time, but it is still all left to me!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Was it the obsessive compulsive cleaners? school holidays out us to pot too. Little humans are very messy. Thank you so much for your comment and good luck in the competition.

  78. I don’t like to count it, but possibly an hour a day would be right, after bedtime xx

  79. I’d say around 7 hours a week πŸ™‚

  80. I do an hour and half in morning and a hour in the evening

  81. i wouldnt like to guess! i bet its too many haha

  82. 7 – 10 hours a week

  83. I clean for about 30 mins a day πŸ™‚

  84. At least 2hrs per day and on the weekend about 4 hrs per day….my family are messy and they all leave it for me to do!

  85. About 3 hours a week, I do try to do the absolute minimum!

  86. About 10 hours

  87. Every day about half an hour.

  88. I have 4 in my house hold I try to clean on the go all day e.g if I go the toilet as I was my hands I will clean all the sids down with wipes and will then do a day in the week and do a declutter day and get all the junk in the bin ready for my big bins to be emptied.

  89. Each day maybe an hour

  90. Probably about an hour a day x

  91. I’ve entered – we clean on a weekend for about 3 hours and probably an hour throughout the week. We don’t have kids, and just a one bedroom flat though.

    Lizzie Dripping

  92. about 4-6 hours – never seems like enough but never have anymore time!!

  93. More than usual at the moment as I am 8 months pregnant and nesting! I wish I was more house proud though!

  94. Maybe 5 or 6.

  95. About 10 – 12 hours

  96. feels like forever but normally 4 hrs a week


  98. As few as possible! Maybe 5 or 6.

  99. About 2 hours

  100. 5-6 HOURS

  101. Probably about 2 hours every weekend with Dettol all the way πŸ™‚

  102. Around 6 – 8 hours in per week

  103. yesterday 4 september i spent 7 hrs cleaning , but on a normal week about 7 hrs in total , depends on shifts at work so a hr a day , i got 5 bags of rubbish from the house yesterday!! terrilbe hoarder me !

  104. Probably about 8 – 10 a week.

  105. I am a stay at home mam with a young family and a husband who works away. I probably spend two or three hours a day cleaning during the week, but try to do less at weekends

  106. Probably not enough!! I do a quick dash around to make sure things are clean, but not a great deal of time is spent cleaning the house!!

  107. too long,i’ve got two teenagers……

  108. just 2 hours – i`m very tidy!

  109. It depends if I’m in work, but I would say on average 1-2 hours a day, but my husband probably does twice that!

  110. It’s hard to say – it depends on what is happening and if anyone is coming to visit. I probably do an hour or two a day to keep on top of it (that includes laundry etc.). I cook everything from scratch so the kitchen takes a real beating.

  111. Probably around 8 sometimes more sometimes less.

  112. Oh umm maybe 2 -3 a day but a lot of that is tidying after my messy daughter!

  113. Around 6 – 8 hours in total per week mostly at the weekend

  114. Around an hour or so a day

  115. At least an hour a day x

  116. Too many!
    At lest 20 mins a day with up to 2 hrs a day at weekends

  117. a few hours

  118. I do a few hours per week, but my ocd wife does at least 10 if not 15!

  119. I would say 8 hours a week πŸ™‚ xx

  120. About 3 hours a week.

  121. about 3 hours a week

  122. thats a tough question to answer as it depends on the cleaning involved…usually at least an hour a day. However, depending on how much muck the family and animals drag in/time of year etc, then the daily hourly total increases

  123. About an hour a day!

  124. About 4 hours per week.

  125. about 4 hours per week

  126. About 4 or 5 a week

  127. probably about an hour a day , then do a spring clean every month

  128. Probably about 6-8 in total – but I clean lots as I go!

  129. I spend about 2 hours a day and then have a big clean up on a Sunday

  130. About an hour a day

  131. Two hours per week.

  132. at least an hour a day im a clean freak!

  133. I spend a couple of hours a day cleaning just because i actually love it ! i do it even when it clean haha

  134. About 8 hours a week πŸ™‚ xxx

  135. It depends on the day. I spend about an hour every day and then blitz the house once a week where I’ll spend about 4 hours cleaning and tidying.

  136. About 3hrs total over a week

  137. about 30-1hr a day

  138. about 7 hours per week

  139. I do about an hour a day cleaning to keep on top of it

  140. about an hour and half a day x

  141. I try and do at least a hour a day,… but with DS and DD both at home and working I haven’t really had the time!

  142. A lot each day as I am a carer full time so two at least and throughout the day in my Grannys room.

  143. An hour or two in the morning then again after tea about an hour πŸ™

  144. Usually an hour & a half each morning then another go at it in the afternoon πŸ™‚

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