Our New Family Car

We’ve been in Kent for just over two years now. Right at the very beginning I was wrapped up in the death of my Nan, unpacking our belongings, P1 starting a new school and P2 becoming more and more mobile. I didn’t get out and about very much to explore and so came the decision to sell my beautiful 2009 Ford Fiesta as we just didn’t need two cars. I only have an automatic license and Hubby’s car is manual so for the past 21 months I have been a passenger. I won’t lie, I have felt rather restricted at times and reliant on Hubby.

This year Hubby’s car has started to fail us and has been costing a fortune to fix. Deep down we knew we needed to sell it and get a new to us car before we were left with nothing. Most importantly though, we needed a car I can drive too! It’s actually been a stressful week or so as Hubby has emerged himself in reading, researching and going to view some potential cars for our family. Today he settled on this:

2015-10-10 16.27.41-3 (1)

When Hubby pulled up outside this afternoon the sheer size of the car overwhelmed me. It’s longer than the width of our house! When I stood next to it I felt like it was about to gobble me up whole. I am quite petrified about the time that I take the drivers seat for the first time in 21 months. I’m used to small cars that whip into small spaces so this, this is on another scale!!

I can’t wait though. I can’t wait to be able to offer to drive, to take some of the flack for school runs, to go to the cinema with just P1 or go on the food shop without Hubby in tow. Things normal people do. Grown up people do.

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  1. Good thing you can use mother and baby parking spots! I don’t think that would fit into anything smaller! 😉

    Seriously though I’m so pleased you’ll have some independence back!

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