Our Scrapbook Summer Holidays 2018 – Week 5

It’s been a week much like the previous one, with a lot of time spent indoors. Each day we’ve taken a quick trip out to the shops mainly or to a local park. Hubby and I have been very preoccupied with giving this blog a little refresh. I have had to (and still am) go through all of my posts which is around 2,000 and edit each posts category. But I love the new tabs at the top of this blog and you’ll hopefully be able to find things easier, including my YouTube channel. Hubby has also displayed my social media’s on the side bar and my Instagram right at the bottom. Do you like it? Anyway let’s get on with this weeks Scrapbook Summer:

Sunday 19th August 2018

P2 had a sleepover with Nannie the night before so we were one short. I took P1 and P3 to church with me and it was a great service that got the kids super involved. They haven’t been running the Sunday School and Creche this summer which is annoying.

Monday 20th August 2018

This photo caused a bit of a commotion over on Facebook something about it being gender stereotypical. But anyway, my girls spent a lot of time outside playing with their mud kitchen. It was great to get some peace indoors!

Tuesday 21st August 2018

After a bit of a lazy day, we headed to P1 and P2’s Taekwondo lesson in the evening. We took P2’s bike. She’s only ever practiced on her new bike a couple of times and Hubby has only been able to let go for a few seconds. She amazed us with her confidence as she got on and rode unaided for the first time. There’s a little video over on Instagram if you wanted to watch. We are so proud as P1 hasn’t got the strength, determination or confidence to ride her bike so this is our first child to accomplish bike riding.

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Another day was spent at home. Hubby dug out his old walkie talkies and the girls had great fun communicating from long distances. They loved it and it was something so simple but kept them amused for such a long time.

Thursday 23rd August 2018

We actually got out of the house! We ventured to two different parks on Thursday. This one pictured in Tonbridge has got to be our favourite. It’s a huge space full of many different play equipment and a huge sandpit. We then met up with P3’s little nursery friends for a park play date at a more local park to our home.

Friday 24th August 2018

I had an awful night. I woke at 2am with intense pain in my right ear and loss of hearing, like when your ear pops in an airplane. I was in agony and cried silently trying to get back to sleep for two hours before waking Hubby who got me painkillers and gave me a cuddle. I saw a doctor later in the morning and was diagnosed with an ear infection. We had plans to go to a local water park which has been scuppered but my very noisy girls were really good on Friday keeping their usual loud voices at a low and looking after me.

Saturday 25th August 2018

We are working on a blog review for these so watch out for that, but the girls had loads of fun filming a fun unboxing video. P1 then went off for a party at one of her friends houses and we took the girls to my MiL’s for the rest of the day. In fact we left when we needed to pick P1 up at 8:30pm! It was a late night.

So that was our last full week before school returns. This coming week is full of sleepovers and a lot of child free time. Monday P3 will be on her first lone sleepover with my MiL, and then on Wednesday all three girls are heading to my Mum’s house until Monday when Hubby and I will join them for a day out to the zoo.

What are your plans this week?? Are you looking forward to school returning?

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  1. Our plan for this long weekend was lots of walking but the rain has stopped that!


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