Our Sunshine Afternoon in the Easter Holidays

This morning, like most of our recent mornings, I opened the blinds to clear blue sky and sunshine. Last year we had a pretty hot summer but I was unable to enjoy it properly because I was heavily pregnant and sweating like a pig. Now P3 is here I’m certain to enjoy it.

Getting out in the sun doesn’t have to be a huge trek for the whole family, prior planning and organisation doesn’t need to happen. With P1 out enjoying the 21 degree weather with her Nannie and Uncle I felt a bit guilty for P2 and P3 who were cooped up indoors watching me do some blogging and housework. The sun has been pouring in through the windows tempting us outside. Hubby suggested we go over the road with a ball and have a few minutes on the green opposite our house. I don’t know why but I felt really reluctant to get outside.


I quickly bundled a blanket, some sausage rolls, a few toys, a cushion and my big camera into a bag. Hubby helped and actually stayed across the road with us which was lovely. I half expected to be leaping after P2 who normally makes a break for the road, but this time she didn’t. She stayed close or on the grass kicking the ball and picking the flowers. Completely enjoying the sun and the breeze.

P3 was amazed. Her new found ability to sit up has meant she’s begun to really play with toys and enjoy life in general. Being outside and sitting up gave her the opportunity to really explore her senses. She was looking around and watching the cars, birds and her big sister running around. Laughing and making cute baby noises. The wind was blowing her hair which made her smile and she enjoyed munching on her sausage roll whilst playing with her toys.

It was such a simple idea of hubby’s and I’m really glad I agreed and went over there. We were only out for half an hour but that small amount of time has made me feel so lucky and happy. Sun is an amazing mood booster. Here are some of the photos I took today, I wanted to leave them in big rather than collaging them as I think they deserve their own place.






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  1. Your kids are absolutely darling!
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