Our Weaning Journey – Annabel Karmel Toddler Meals

The other week we had an extremely exciting delivery in two batches for the girls. Annabel Karmel had sent us some awesome products to help with our mealtimes. As a parent or Grandparent, feeding times can be stressful when kids are involved. Whether that’s due to owning a fussy eater or lack of time or the mess so I was more than happy to receive our goodies as a person who is always on the look out for new feeding tools and food products.

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I was really excited about the toddlers meals. I used to buy them for P1 when she was little but the choice was quite slim back then (6 years ago). I was interested to find the different choices of meal and the packaging is simply gorgeous!

This is going to sound silly but the Annabel Karmel Toddler Meals have really made my life easier. You know when you have those days when you lose track of time and suddenly it’s bedtime, the kids haven’t had dinner and you panic about what will be quickest to grab them to eat. I have these days frequently. Usually after we’ve hady MiL round. The toddler meals take two and a half minutes to cook in the microwave from chilled. So the kids can be sitting down eating within five minutes.

The sizes are pretty good too. P2 managed to very nearly finish her portion which was a great surprise as she’s been a bit temperamental with her food lately. She used to be the one you could rely on to finish her own meal and steal others. Well these toddler meals have really helped to spark that appetite back. When she eats there’s a really content expression she uses which is hard to describe. She enjoys the toddler meals and has tried various new flavours and meal choices.

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The Toddler Meals come in a variety of ranges taken from the favourites of Annabel Karmels recipes. They are available to buy from Tesco or Sainsburys from about £2.50 each. I seriously think that’s such good value for a meal that is so easy to serve up.


We’ve reviewed the Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees before and I do think they are my favourites in terms of packaging and also flavour. All three girls enjoy the fruit ones as a little snack throughout the day and I specifically find the pouches extremely handy for day trips.

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The are a really good size and can be resealed and used again. P2 really enjoys feeding P3 with the pouches because they are super easy to squeeze. The more “dinner” meals are great too and although P1 and P2 are not keen on the flavours, P3 really loves them and has enjoyed the new more lumpy textures it offers here whilst we are out and about. With P3 we are very much going down the baby led weaning route but the pouches have offered us real stress free dinners when we’ve had a busy day. She will not eat these from a spoon but is more than happy to eat straight from the squeezy pouch! The cost of the pouches vary but you can pick one up for about a £1 which is quite expensive but totally worth it and more often than not there’s good deals on them.

In our goodie pack we were also sent some great feeding equipment and I wanted to highlight them separately;

Oxo Fork and Spoon Set (Pictured) This little fork and spoon set is quite heavy compared to other toddler cutlery that I have tried but they are shaped to fit tiny hands. P2 stopped feeding herself for a little while recently and after having this cutlery set she has started to like to feed herself. They are made from stainless steel with the handle featuring non-slip grips and also a very handy flat spot to prevent the cutlery rolling of the table which I personally think is such a innovative idea! The set costs £7 which I do think is very pricey for two pieces of cutlery.

NUK Food Cube Tray The food cube tray is actually a really useful little tool for weaning. Each section can hold 60ml of liquid/pureed food and with the clip on lid it is fantastic for freezing and popping out individual sections for reheating. This would be great for batch cooking. I haven’t yet used this but have plans on creating some little fruit yoghurts of all the girls. The Food Cube Tray costs around £7 which I think is great value.


Ez Pz Happy Mat (Pictured) The Ez Pz Place Mat is such a cute little thing. It allows you to place food directly onto the place mat preventing bowls or plates behind thrown across the room. The Ez Pz Happy Mat is non-toxic, PVC, BPA and phthalate free meaning it’s perfectly safe for humans to eat food from. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe although it is quite large and it won’t fit in our microwave. It also suctions onto your table meaning less mess. P3 loved it as it allows her to reach in and grab her food. It is currently $24.99 and the company do ship worldwide with an added cost.

NUK Feeding Bowl with Lids I love things with lids. It enables me to either take food with us for ease during travel but it also means I can store food. This specific feeding bowl comes with a suction underneath and two lids; one that has holes in the top for microwaving meals and the other one for storage purposes. It costs roughly £6.

This must be the longest Annabel Karmel post ever written! We have really enjoyed and I personally feel extremely lucky with all of our goodies that arrived. They have eased mealtimes incredibly and I can see a strong relationship forming with Annabel over mealtimes especially with the various recipe books we were also sent.


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