Our Weaning Journey – First Tastes with HiPP Organic

I know that weaning can be a stressful time for any parent, I’ve been there twice before and have made it through all the good and the bad bits. I wanted to create a series of blog posts on weaning. Of course, I am not medically trained and my way is certainly not the right or wrong way to do things. But I want to try and attempt to explore all things weaning. Please leave a comment below so that we can help others in their journeys too.

I’m not quite sure where the past six months have gone. Half of a year we’ve been able to enjoy P3 and watch her grow. Being half a year old means she’s now got the messy task of learning to eat real foods.

I weaned P1 at four and a half months old and P2 at five and a half months. P3 had her first taste of a rusk at just over five and a half months.

HiPP Organic weaning products

We have just completed a full week of first tastes using HiPP Organic products that are suitable from 4 months. Right at the start, she would push pretty much every drop of banana porridge out of her mouth. Gagging. In fact she ended up crying her eyes out until we gave her a rusk to distract.


The next day I moved her onto some fruity stuff. Nice and runny and extremely messy to deal with. She seemed to prefer this over the porridge and managed to swallow some of it. You’ll see in the video I created how she winces at the flavour.

I’ve only been giving a few spoonfuls once a day, normally evening when we have more time to feed. We stuck to the fruity flavours for the next day and then moved to a carrot flavour. This went down nicely too. P1 and P2 have really enjoyed helping their baby sister to feed too which makes the whole weaning experience such a magical thing.

sister weaning

I don’t plan to do the weaning with jars and pouches. I want to go down the babyled route as I think it’ll suit us better as a family. I think it’ll suit P3 better too. Here’s a little video of P3 having her first tastes:

Having said that I want to head down the baby-led route, the jars and especially the pouches are always extremely handy to have in your bag ready for days out and times when getting food may be an issue. Even now both P1 and P2 enjoy a fruit pouch as a little snack and P3 is slowly enjoying the tastes too.

What are your top tips for weaning?


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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I loved your picture of P3 with the mashed potato!

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. I love how p1 wipes p3’s mouth after and how P2 goes ahh to open p3’s mouth…. So sweet

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