Our Weekend Away to Aldeburgh

We’re back to reality. We spent Friday to Sunday in Aldeburgh, a very beautiful seaside town in Suffolk. We stayed at the Wentworth Hotel which was paid for by my Mum for my OH birthday present from them.
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The hotel was just stunning. Really old fashioned, very posh and the staff were all welcoming. We didn’t know what to expect but it was perfect. The bed in our room was huge, now I know I’m small, but I could lay width ways and still have space on the bed. My OH being 6ft could sleep without being diagonal to keep his feet on the bed.

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P1 absolutely loved the fact that the beach was on our doorstep. Saturday evening she’d had far too much sugar and went completely loopy so my OH took her to the beach to try and wear the sugar out of her. The weather was beautiful, we were very lucky.

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We went for a day out at Africa Alive on the Saturday. My Mum had given us some spending money too, so literally everything was paid for by my Mum which was fantastic. It wasn’t very busy so it was a thoroughly enjoyed day… Even by my OH who hates busy places like that.

Being on holiday, having your bed made for you each morning, clean rooms and getting up and out the bedroom by 8am was really motivating. Fresh! It’s made me really motivated to change our lives here, make everything cleaner and tidier. I got home from holiday and immediately started clearing the bedroom a bit, not much but enough to make a start on the new improved family.

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