Outfits of a Petite Mum

I suppose it was so typical of me to fall in love with a 6ft man being only 4ft 7 and a bit (The bit being important). When I first met him my fashion sense was pretty boring and I wore some hideous brown “ugg” type boots. I’m quite surprised that Hubby fell in love with me but thankfully he did.

I’ve changed in many senses since that day. I’ve learnt a lot about me and about the world around me. I hope that my wardrobe has updated a bit too. One thing that has changed is my footwear. I’ve gone from not giving a beep about what people say about small people and wearing flats. To the confident high heel wearing woman. I still don’t care about what people think, even more so, but I’ve come to care what I think and what Hubby thinks of me. Quite frankly the most important person I want to attract is hubby!

Right at the beginning it was Hubby pushing for me to wear them but deep down I was just as keen to get them on. Why? Because they make me feel sexy, they make my legs look longer and of course I gain a few inches.

I wanted to share a few of my outfits that I wore last week to show you how and when I wear my heels. I’ve also got a new bag from House of Fraser, my first ever bag in 6 years, and teamed with my heels it gives me such a girly boost inside!


I will go food shopping or to Bluewater wearing my 5 inch heels. The amount of looks I get from people is ridiculous. I sometimes wonder what they are thinking. Are they jealous? Are they appalled? I don’t really care.

outfit school run

Yes, I’m one of those mums who wear heels and makeup at 9am in the morning unless I’ve walked, then that’s another story.


I even wear my heels when I’m dressed more casual in my leggings and cardi simply going for lunch with hubby and the girls.


Wearing heels does not stop me being. A good, involved mum. I wear them to the park. To the swimming pool. To school events.


I’ll even wear my heels when I’m visiting family members or friends. Please excuse the jumper/skirt combo, it was a mix of hot and cold that day and I don’t want to wear tights now it’s spring.

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  1. Whenever I see someone in heels I am so jealous, as I find it impossible to walk in them! I’m sure most people are probably jealous too. I’ve worn heels twice in the past year and both ended up in me falling over (partially due to alcohol and partially because I cannot walk in them whatsoever). I love your bag and I think it’s great you’re so confident in your fashion sense and shoe choices!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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