“overwhelmed by requests for money or things to be bought since P1 started school”

I’m feeling overwhelmed by requests for money or things to be bought since P1 started school. I feel quite lucky because financially I live a comfortable life. This is thanks to my hubby. The money we save on food shopping we tend to spend on the girls or on a night out for “couple time”. It feels like for the past three months that each week we get some sort of request for money or items to be bought.

Here’s some of the things we’ve been asked to do/buy/donate:

~~ I think it started with “Silly Sock Day” where they wore socks for a donation.

~~ There was a day where they had to dress up for book day. We didn’t have anything that was book related, just film related, so we had to buy a costume.

~~ We’ve had sponsored Readathons.

~~ Sponsered grow a daffodil.

~~ Buying a pack of 12 Christmas cards that P1 designed herself for £5!

~~ Harvest Festival where instead of bringing in food she had to make a donation to a charity I’ve never heard of.

~~ We’ve had to buy her a plain white tshirt & leggings for her Christmas play.

~~ There’s been school dinners to pay for (Mainly because I haven’t got the organisation to sort a packed lunch, but even that would cost money)

~~ P1 has been getting free milk whilst she’s at school, but this will stop when she turns 5 this Christmas so we’ll be asked to fund that, if we want.

~~ Sponsored carrying of water. Although we are not sponsoring this one for personal reasons.

~~ We have been asked to donate wine and fill a punnet full of Christmas related toys/sweets for the Christmas bazaar.

~~ They had a “Own Clothes Day” which they had to bring £1. I think this was to help fund the Christmas bazaar.

It’s only been three months of school and their year haven’t even started any before/after school clubs yet or trips!! It feels like they are digging deep into our pockets and robbing us. Obviously, I know that we don’t have to join in with everything. But I don’t want P1 to be the odd one out, she’s struggling with playground bullies as it is, I wouldn’t want to be the reason anything got worse.

I know it’s something I have to accept because they are doing a very tough job each day by teaching my daughter to learn how to be a child, how to grow up and how to be ready to eventually face the harsh real world. I’m feeling very nervous for the time when both the girls are in school. Both needing lunches. Both needing trips. Both needing sponsoring or donations! I’m shuddering thinking about it.

My poor hubby will end up doing overtime!

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