“P1 has asked to do some baking and go to a soft play area this half term”

Half term has definitely crept up on us. We were invited into the school to watch P1s class assembly. Since joining this school and especially since starting Year 1, she has completely blossomed. Every time we watch her at school she seems to grow with confidence.

P1s assembly was about penguins and the South Pole. This is what she’s been learning about and comes home chatting away, really intrigued. It’s wonderful to see. I can see that her literacy is improving thanks to the extra support that she’s been receiving the past few weeks.

Tonight, the school had their open evening. Typically I forgot, despite it being in our joint calendar. I’m very grateful that hubby, without notice, took an excited P1 round to her class and P1 was given the opportunity to show her daddy all the things she’s been doing. Hubby said she was super excited.


P1 arrived home, bouncing off the walls. She ate two hot cross buns and then spent an extra hour after P2 went to bed playing and talking to us. I was able to really see beneath all the arguments and tantrums we experience with her. She’s six and she’s so much more grown up than we give her credit for. The things she says, the faces she pulls and the way she wiggles her fingers. She’s hilarious.

P1 has asked to do some baking and go to a soft play area this half term. That was it. I want to really make sure this holiday that we make her wishes come true and she has a wonderful half term.

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