“P1 is behaved at school and a crazy nightmare at home”

I’ve always loved the idea of home schooling. Having no early mornings for school runs and being able to spend time as a family doing the things we loved whilst educating and growing my daughters. But then we have school holidays, and they remind me exactly why I don’t and would never go down that route.

There’s something wrong with P1 behaviour wise. I’m absolutely 100% sure of it. The school aren’t quite on that page because apparently children can’t just switch off if they have a behaviour problem. In other words P1 is behaved at school and an absolutely crazy, hyper nightmare at home.


I always really look forward to having some time out. I do so much during the term time weekdays that it’s my sort of holiday too. Lots of pyjama days and films, baking and walks in the nature trail. But the reality of it is that put all three children in the same house for any longer than a few days at a time then all hell breaks loose. They start off totally revelling in each other’s company and end up with days like Sunday when I feel like I can’t breathe and want to run out the house in pjs.

But today it’s back to school. P2 was technically back at nursery yesterday but today it’s all back to normal. Gymboree is back open, Moo Music starts and routines start getting back to normal. I can breathe again. It’s a lovely feeling if I’m honest and although I think I’d prefer a day at home in my pjs, I adore being busy now and seeing the girls occupied and happy makes life so much easier too.

Are you happy that school is back on or would you like a few more days off of the school run?

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  1. I’m still not back in to the swing of things yet – I’m a slow starter. I read that children often behave worse at home as they feel it’s safe to let go of all that emotion x

  2. I cannot imagine being a stay at home mum. In saying that they might behave better then but in creche both are angels and at home like you said a complete nightmare.

  3. Why do children put us through it?? Mine are just the same, everyone always tells me how well they’ve behaved as they hand over a child who I’m fully aware will be in full on meltdown mode within minutes!x

  4. I like the idea of homeschooling but in reality I’m not organised enough so I’m all for the structure of school.

    All of that is still a little way off for us though. 🙂

  5. I hate the school routine, I love having them at home but I am always soooo tired by the time I get to the end of the holidays! I think all kids are better at school than home, it’s their wind down time. Relax and chil out. Like being at work for us all day, we like to relax when we come home. However we don’t run around the house!!

  6. My little brother is exactly the same. So well behaved at school but at home he is so, so hyper all the time and so badly behaved. It’s funny why that happens. Yet my little sister whose being brought up at the same time in the same way is perfectly behaved. Maybe they can’t express themselves properly in school xx #love2blog

  7. I hate my children going back to school, we love the holidays so much. My children are a bit similar – but my older 3 are teens. They are model kids outside but can be vile to each other at home! Kaz x

  8. I do enjoy the time ‘off’ when kids are in school but because Elliw is part time.. the 2 hours of free time go pretty quickly for me. I hate the school run but I don’t mind it too much if weather is nice haha x

  9. Holidays take my girls some time to get used to being in each other’s company. This one has been particularly hard as youngest has worked out exactly how to get middle one wound up. Just as they were due to go back to school, I heard them all start talking to each other – too late! I give up x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Oh that sounds very familiar. It’s usually the first and last week of holidays that cause the most disruption.

  10. I don’t think I’d homeschool Blake it would be great to have some time out as a Mum.
    The only downside would be getting up in time as am not a morning person at all!

  11. My 5yo Eva is very much the same. I was relieved when she went back monday tbh x

  12. I enjoy the break when my girls are at school….I just hate the early mornings. lol They’re both back today so the 7am start has been hard…

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Oh I was nearly late. In the summer I wake so early and am ready for the day but winters are so dark and unmotivated.

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