“P1 has been counting down the day”

Today we said goodbye to getting up at 7:45am. We said goodbye to breakfast at 8:10am. We said goodbye to leaving the home at 8:35 to get to school for 8:40am. We said goodbye to P1 walking the whole journey. Today we said goodbye to being home by 9am. We said goodbye to our afternoons, leaving at 2:35 and being back by 3:10 or earlier.

Monday morning will be such a change and a bit of an upheaval but it’s one that I know will benefit all of us, especially P1, in many ways. It’s going to mean early mornings, organisation, walks in all weather and being out of the house for about two hours a day just walking to and from school. Most of all I’m hoping the change in P1s school will see her really grow in her self and be given lots more opportunities.

I felt a little upset by her teachers/old teachers. She has two; the first works Mon-Wed and the second on Thurs and Friday. Firstly, through this whole situation none of them, including the head teacher, fought to keep P1 or to change our minds on the school. Secondly, neither of her teachers said goodbye to her or me. A card was made for her though, which included pictures drawn by her school friends.

P1 has been counting down the days. “School day, school day, nanny day, nanny day and then new school” and squealing. She generally seems excited which is so fantastic to see. I’m hoping that she takes this enthusiasm into the classroom with her Monday morning!

Maybe it’ll rub on me a bit ready for the 6/6:30am wake up.20140131-103911 pm.jpgPlease sponsor my Bliss Charity 5k Buggy Push in June 2014 here

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