“P1 has concussion”

20140114-111651 pm.jpgIt’s been a rather traumatic day today. A day where my life flashed before me. Terror. Worry. Upset. Guilt.

I arrived at the school just like normal to pick P1 up. P1 had her head laying on her book bag facing away from me, she’s done this before, another Mummy joked that she was asleep. I tapped her and said I’d have to leave her at school. Then I saw the tears. My girl was crying.

She then became hysterical. Two of her friends explained that P1 had been laying on the floor and another girl had accidentally stomped on P1s head. I asked if she was ok and she said her head hurt but I told her to stop crying and stop being silly. There wasn’t a bump. The teaching assistant confirmed the story, explaining that she’d been sleepy all afternoon and her main teacher basically had the view that P1 shouldn’t have been laying on the floor.

P1 was still crying hysterically. She said she was tired and wanted a carry. We luckily only live a stones throw from the school so I carried her home. When I got her back, she was pale and floppy. She wasn’t talking and was just not really there. Panic kicked in at that point. We took her to the minor injuries hospital. I’m extremely thankful for my hubby being off work and even more thankful for my MiL who was round for a cup of tea and looked after P2.

When we arrived at minor injuries P1 could barely stay awake. I know how important it is to keep people awake after a blow or knock to the head. When we saw the nurse she asked lots of questions. She was concerned at why the school hadn’t phoned us to let us know of P1s drowsiness. Her blood pressure was taken and P1s temperature was 38.8 – High! This indicated maybe an underlying illness about to seep through which could add to her feeling unwell. However, they were quite concerned by the way she was floppy, not talking and very sleepy. Something so unlike her.

The minor injuries hospital phoned an ambulance to take her to the main hospital, 20minutes away, to be properly monitored. All that was going through my head was all the freak stories about head injuries. How they can go missed for hours or days and they are fatal.

The ambulance arrived well over an hour of being at the minor injuries hospital. I carried her out and just before we reached the door she threw up, magically caught by hubby in our cake mixing bowl – which was left at the hospital may I add! Dread and horror filled my body. Sick was not good when it comes to head injuries.

P1 perked up a lot on the journey in the ambulance, not really talking but she was awake. Clutching her cardboard sick bowl and her white tiger cuddly toy. I, however, felt awful. I get terrible motion sickness which isn’t helped when inside a giant wobbling box on wheels!!! Bluerghh.

At the main hospital P1 perked up. She began to talk and even managed to play with the paediatric waiting room toys. We were then allowed to go home. I’m still so scared. Scared they’ve missed something. I keep checking on her whilst she sleeps and I’m probably going to get zero sleep too.

I’m angry. Fuming even. I don’t understand why the school acknowledged the incident, noticed her being unusually drowsy yet didn’t phone us or seem that concerned?! P1 has concussion.

She’s the bravest girl I know. I’m so glad I didn’t tell her off for wetting herself this morning causing me to go up the school with spare tights and knickers…

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