P1s First Day As A Year 2

We had an awful night last night with the younger two. It was inevitable really with the early start needed in the morning for the first school run of a new year. I went to bed later than I wanted to really as the P3 didn’t go to bed until later and I had to cook our meal from the Hello Fresh box. It was nearly midnight.

At 1am exactly P2 was shouting out for me. P2 wanted milk. That was obvious and was rectified quickly although looking back I should have taken the opportunity to just let her cry it out as P3 was now screaming too so everyone was disturbed any way. But I didn’t, I needed to get back to P3 to settle her so milk was given and the door was shut. P2 was asleep. P3 was not. P3 just wouldn’t settle. She ended up being awake for nearly an hour and a half before eventually going to sleep. I even found myself hiding under the cover with my phone trying to stay awake as I listened hopefully to her snoring. I didn’t want to go back to sleep until I knew she was actually sleeping.

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Then I was woken up at 5am for P2 again. Milk. I realised my alarm was going off at 6 and I was so not ready to wake at that time. I reset the alarm for 7. I was woken up by P1 tapping me on the shoulder. I looked at my phone ready to tell her to go back to bed but it was 7:50! I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quickly. We leave for school at 8:20 normally and there was not much time at all.

The first day back was starting completely the opposite to what I’d hoped. I rushed a sandwich for breakfast for P1, telling P2 she could have hers when we got back and dressed without showering. We managed to get to school on time, in fact with plenty of time, and the girls played on the playground. We found her new class easily, right next door to her Year 1 class and that’s when the change suddenly hit me. All her desks were in lines rather than groups. They faced the whiteboard just like a real classroom. A big girls classroom. The chairs were labelled with names which were done as boy girl boy girl. I don’t remember them doing this until we hit secondary school.

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I am quite worried about the coming year for P1. It is going to be a lot of work now and I know that she struggles in some subject and particularly with concentrating. I also don’t know this teacher, I only smiled at her this morning and I don’t really want to approach her about any behaviour concerns just yet as I want her to experience P1 for herself first.

P1 has come out of school today really happy. Although she said she missed us, she did have a really wonderful time. They did hand prints, pictures for their locker doors and wrote rules for the classroom. P1 has show and tell first which is exciting. I do still have my worries but I do think that with my help and the help of her teacher we can get through this year.

Bedtime went really well tonight and having a routine back is certainly a good thing for us as a family. How has going back to school been for you?

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