“P1s first school Sports Day”

Today was P1s first school Sports Day. As soon as I received the email notifying of the date/location/time that parents could come along, I experienced butterflies for her. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know about P1s hypermobility and the way it mainly makes a difference to her physical abilities.

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Hubby and I had agreed that we wouldn’t be parents that promoted winning, we’d encourage her and support her no matter how badly she did and let’s face it she wasn’t going to do fantastically! We arrived just on time, the weather was humid and the field was booming with Mums, Dads and Grandparents all ready to cheer their children on. The event was just for the reception classes.

Just like normal, there was tiny P1 right at the back of the crowd dawdling along in her own little world. She was adorable. As soon as the first race began, building a brick castle, I knew that P1 gave her team a huge disadvantage. Hubby, P2 and I cheered her on nevertheless and she seemed happy with herself. All the other parents “awwww”ing at her.

For her abilities, I’m proud of her. She didn’t join in with the running race at the end, according to the teacher it was out of choice but P1 burst into tears when I asked her why she hadn’t joined in saying that she wanted to but she didn’t get up quick enough for the teachers to see. I wanted to cry with her. I reminded her over and over how proud I was at the activities she had joined in with.

There’s a part of me that is so desperate for someone to acknowledge that she has a disability. P1 needs the extra support and watching her in Sports Day alongside children her age really proves to us just how different she is. Of course we are still so proud of her for even taking part because this isn’t an easy thing for her.

Can you remember your first sports day or your children’s?

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