P1s Sports Day 2016

I can’t believe that it’s the end of P1s journey as a Key Stage 1 student. She attends a Primary School but when I was her age this would have been her last year in the Infants. In just over six weeks time she’ll be entering the Juniors phase and things are going to get tougher. I always find it amusing how the teachers, and parents, start talking about how exhausted the children are by the end of the year, yet they always leave sports day until the very end of the term. 

sports day 2016 2

Last week we spent the morning at P1s school to watch her participate in one of the hardest parts of her schooling year. P1 is hyermobile and it makes general walking really difficult so when we watch her take part in sports day I always get a rush of pride go through me. At P1s school, Sports Day seems to be quite a competitive event. All the Key Stage 1 children chant their houses and it’s a really lovely atmosphere.

I do feel sorry for those who are part of P1s team mates for each activity. She always seems to be in another world and her run is more of a dawdle if I’m honest. But what I love about her is the determination she has despite her lack of physical skills. You can see and hear the other parents saying “awww” as they watch her. Our class in particular egg her on which is just so lovely for me to witness.


The photo above was just after the very last race. I wasn’t sure she’d take part as the first year she decided not to, but this year she did. She lined up and within seconds her friends were all well in front of her and she was trying her absolute best to run to the finish line. I was standing at the finish line and that starting point seemed so far away. But she did it with a teacher running along beside her for half of it, helping her to stay motivated.

It’s such an achievement for her and Sports Day makes me burst with love for my little girl. She may never be the fastest or win but she does her best and that’s all I want.

Here’s 2014’s Sports Day and you can find 2015’s here too.

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  1. oh bless her she has done so well!

  2. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Bless her – looks like she’s having a lot of fun.

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