“P2 has created her first piece of artwork”

At 40 weeks and 2 days old P2 has created her first piece of artwork.
20131115-050700 pm.jpgWe went to a Messy Play group for 0-2yrs. It wasn’t overly “messy” focused but I braved the paint. The black paint. She loved it, wiggling her fingers all in the paint then bashing the paper. She had no idea what she was doing or what her fingers were in but we both had a really good time just getting out of the house!

P1 received a sticker and a little certificate thing today from school to congratulate her on being very creative during busytime. Art must run in the family. I love art as a child, I still do, but now I always think of the mess I have to deal with afterwards so actually getting my art box out is very rare. P1 is always drawing though and her drawings are pretty good for a nearly 5year old even if I am a little bias!!
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