“P2 is an enhanced version of the little girl we adored before”

In the past few days I have had so many people say to me that P2 is suddenly so grown up. This thought terrifies me slightly and it wasn’t until then that actually it hit me.

P2 starting nursery has completely changed our lives for the better and for everyone. For the first two months we had tears at drop off and the most awful tantrums at home but now it’s becoming a fun thing for her and a normal.

We were given her “All About Me” book the other day as the term and year finishes. It’s the first time we’ve had it home and it is filled with pictures of P2 whilst she’s at the nursery. I love that they do this. It’s just like my blog and I can see all the things she’s doing on her adventure as an independent person.

Her speech, her behaviour and her personality has suddenly flourished. P2 is an enhanced version of the little girl we adored before. The cheekiness, the fun and the innocence. When she’s in a good mood she is just an absolute delight to have around. I love the way she calls the ones she connects with her “best friend”, specifically one of the ladies at Gymboree. I’m also her best friend, most of the time, and it’s hilarious that she says P3 isn’t her best friend because she takes her toys.

Usually in the mornings P1 and P3 are downstairs before P2. I’ll hear her shout for me and head up there alone. I climb into bed with her and snuggle close. She smiles and laughs. It’s my most favourite part of my day if I’m honest. She’s happy. She’s warm and cuddly. Then we head off downstairs to start the day. We do this pretty much every morning.

By being at nursery she has learnt to communicate much better with other children or adults. There’s this confidence in her that she never had and was quite concerned about before. She’s finally found it to the point she will even sing in front of strangers and join in with the singing at the end of playgroups. This confidence and learning to play had really helped the relationship she has with her big sister. They’ve always been close but not as close as I wanted them to be, until recently. They are stuck to each other like glue now and for the majority of the time they actually get along amazingly. 

I am so thrilled we made the decision to send her to nursery when we did. I desperately wanted her home still but I saw the way she needed to find her own feet and spread her wings. It’s just fascinating. P2 just isn’t the same little girl we had just three months ago. I suppose more importantly I’m thankful that my middle baby is heading in the right direction.

Did nursery or school change your child?

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  1. I think they definitely have sudden changes when they really grow up! Nursery is definitely one of those changes that makes a big difference and allows them to grow up and be themselves Lovely post 🙁

  2. Darcie has been going to Nursery since she was six months so it’s really hard to say whether or not it has effected her! She is a very confident little girl so I guess nursery has had a part to play in that xxx

  3. Aww my little boy is also about to go to Pre-school and I am so nervous. He goes to a childminder one day a week but its so different. ITs amazing how they grow so quickly and in a blink they are these wonderful independent characters!

  4. How exciting. I have literally just filled in my youngest daughters nursery school application. I’m in total denial!

  5. When I sent my twins to pre-school they loved it, it was lovely to see them spreading their wings but it was also lovely to see them bringing friends into their little circle and enjoying making new friends,

  6. My girls start in January! Like you, I want them home but I know they will love it and have needed it for some time now. Glad your little ones are ding well lovely. XX

  7. Thank you for posting this Jodie, I found it really useful to read. It’s wonderful to see how well your little one has blossomed since starting nursery. I’m really torn at the moment as to whether to start my second little girl at nursery. She seems like she might be ready (it would only be for one morning a week) but she’s a bit younger than her sister was when she started. It gives me confidence to see how your little one is doing so well.xx

  8. Yes totally relate this – my girl started nursery 2 mornings a week back in October and now she’s over the initial drop off woes she’s loving it. Her confidence and language skills have come on leaps and bounds. Like you, I am at home full time, so it took a lot of thinking about it and justifying to myself that it was the right thing to do. Now I know that’s true. 🙂 x

  9. Wow she is doing fantastically well! My little boy starts preschool in January and it’s a little scary but exciting. I hope he does as well as P2 x

  10. It took Lamb a very long time to settle into nursery. He cried every time i dropped him off, but they always told me he soon calmed down and enjoyed himself. He now loves it there so much he barely says bye to me at the door! I think nurseries are vital in their development and maturing, and I’m so glad we sent Lamb to nursery from the age of 1 (I was working so he had to go, I’m now working from home but have decided to keep him there 1 day a week). xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I definitely agree. P1 went to nursery at 10months because I was working, I owe a lot to that nursery. We made the decision to send P2 a little earlier than we wanted (we wanted her to start the term she turned 3) but it was the right time for her and she has so much confidence now.

  11. Awwww yay, well done P2, sounds like she’s doing really well at nursery. Harry turned 2 in July and we made the decision to start him at preschool 1 morning a week in September, he’s still pretty young but he’d been ready for months to be honest and i’m so glad we did because it has really bought out the best in him. xx

  12. At the moment my little one doesn’t go to a nursery because I’m at home full time, but if we were to have a second we would definitely put him in. I can see the benefit of it completely, costs in this area are just ridiculous though. SO until it becomes a necessity he’s stuck with Mum! It is a shame in a way, because I think he does miss out on learning new skills that I perhaps overlook. x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I am home full time too, and my hubby spends the majority of the week home as well so it was a BIG decision for us. I felt she needed the time apart because she was very shy and had no confidence in herself at all unless one of us was with her. I am so glad she’s completely changed for the better.

  13. I found when my son went to nursery, he just grew and grew in confidence. I was so relived as I thought he was just super shy. It has helped him so much. Love hearing talk about his friends too x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      We were very nervous as she’d never been left with anyone but family or very close friends. This was a huge step for us but she’s done so well. I love the talking about friends too.

  14. Ah how lovely! My little girl also cried lots 🙁 it was horrid, now she can’t wait to go to nursery and has come on so well with confidence especially! It is crazy how quick they seem to grow …

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      For me it has been very different. My eldest was in nursery three days a week, whereas P2 is only there two mornings and when she was much older. It’s funny how different children are and grow so quickly once they do grown up things like nursery or school.

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