“P2 seems much older when she returns”

Once a month P1 and P2 get packed up and spend the weekend with my Mum, Step-Dad and brother. This weekend was the second time we’ve had this and although I miss them both extreme amounts it’s also really bloody nice to just have one child to care for.

This weekend we decided to go to the cinema and use our Zizzi vouchers so sent P3 off to my MiL on Saturday afternoon. I made an effort with my appearance and using a groupon voucher we sat and watched the new Will Smith film, Focus. The film was actually really good although I think it could have done with some more action scenes.

We then headed back to our local Zizzi restaurant for some food. I’ve never been before and made hubby laugh when I asked them if they served chips with their meals! Clearly I don’t go out enough.

The food was delicious. We had garlic bread to start. Hubby had risotto and I enjoyed a Lasagne – one of my Nans favourites. The service was fab and the company was even better. It was really quite refreshing to eat a meal hot (burning my tongue in the process of this rarity) and not have to entertain bored children or hungry babies.

We picked up P3 and headed home quite relaxed. This morning was chilled, I managed to sort through the meal plan and save a trolley of food online. We then went to my MiLs for Sunday roast.

The girls came back at 6pm. I always find P2 seems much older when she returns, the time apart does us all good I think but P1 tends to come back hyper and naughty. Every time. It’s awful because we want to enjoy her when she comes aback as we miss her but she makes it so difficult.

We’ve just had a bedtime from hell which doesn’t happen often anymore. She asks for things she knows will not happen, shouts, screams and disrupts P2. I don’t know whether to blame it on change or tiredness but it’s just awful. We have got use to it and we prepare in advance but it’s still so upsetting.

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    That lasagne looks amazing.

    Lizzie Dripping

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