P2’s First Parents Evening

I just love how things are getting technology based and that you can now book parent evening slots online now! So much easier. We teased P2 about parents evening from the moment we booked it. We kept asking her whether her teachers would tell us that she’s been naughty and cheeky. Don’t worry, she found it funny.

I had been excited for her first parents evening. You never really get a proper chance to really know how your kids get on at school because you see the teacher for a few seconds at drop off and pick up each day with no real communication if I’m honest.

We’ve been quite lucky with regards to P2 starting school. She’s not cried about it and is still just as excited to head for school as she was on the first day. I love that she’s enjoying herself but my gosh she comes back super emotional and exhausted each day.

So back to the point of parents evening. We booked our slot for 6pm on the day the girls have their after school club. We happened to be a little bit early but didn’t have to wait at all which was great. I actually find her teacher so approachable and lovely which is brilliant.

P2 looked a little nervous especially when the teacher played along with my joke and said she’d been naughty and had to go to the head teachers office each day, P2 then laughed and said we was being cheeky. Then the teacher began to explain how well P2 had settled.

I glanced over to Hubby who had tears welling in his eyes. He’s such an emotional sap when it comes to the girls lately. But I felt his pride in myself too. This parents evening could not have been anymore different than the usual ones we have with P1. There’s such a contrast in my two school girls.

P2 is sociable and will talk and play with everybody not just a select person or group. She loves doing PE and gets really involved. P2 gives everything a go and has learnt all of her phonics sounds really well. She’s eating her food at lunch time and the teacher is so pleased at the way she has settled to school life. She never seems to want to leave or be reluctant to actually go to school.

Obviously we are so proud. She was treated to a Kinder Egg. I literally cannot wait to see how things progress after Half Term when she starts getting books to read at home. We’ve always said we thought she’d be the more academic one and so far it seems she will be.

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