“P3 has smiled!”

On the 20th November 2014, at 7 weeks and 3 days old, P3 has smiled! It’s isn’t wind, although I was dubious at first, she’s actually smiling. Little smiles at the moment and I don’t think she has much control over it at the moment.


That was the first one I managed to capture on camera, it’s slightly wonky and a bit odd looking. But in real life the sight of her smiling is just heart melting. I nearly cried with joy. I just can’t believe she’s nearly 8 weeks old and is booked to have her jabs next Tuesday. It’s just crazy!

I do have slight concerns with the rest of her development. Her head control seems to be really underdeveloped compared to how P2 was. P2 seemed to come out of my tummy knowing how to hold her own head up, and I know children are all different I’m just worrying that it has something to do with the rough start she had. She also doesn’t get very much tummy time as I’m terrified that one of the girls will fall on her.

P3 has just grown out of all her newborn outfits and is wearing slightly too big 0-3 months. I look down at her and can see these baby days just flying past. I look at the other two and see how grown up and intelligent they are becoming and wonder what P3 will be like. Will she enjoy art just as much as the other two? Will she love books like the other two? Will she have an obsession with shoes like P2? Or struggle to swim like P1?

Life is zooming past.

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  1. What a beautiful smile it is xx

  2. Aww! How adorable! She is growing so quickly x

  3. She looks adorable – I love when babies smile.

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