“P3 stared at him warily”

Wednesday’s are always one of our busier days but at the same time it’s quite a pleasant day as P1 goes to an after school club. This week we invited my Grandad over.

When my Grandad travels the 40 odd miles from his house to ours, I always worry that he’s coming such a long way and we never really plan anything. This week was different.

He arrived just as I was walking out the door to head for our morning Parent & Toddler group. Despite leaving with plenty of time, he was cutting it fine to walk with us. But we’d agreed to meet there if he was late. P3 stared at him warily.

He joined us for Parent & Toddler group. He met a few of the friends I’ve made over the months. Chatted the ears of one lovely lady and was made a couple of teas whilst there. I think he actually enjoyed himself. P3 just wandered up and down the hall with a dolls pram the entire time we were there.

We then went to collect P2 from nursery. I got to show him around and he was able to half listen in to the progress report we’ve had from her key teacher. I then made everyone fajitas. I’m not sure he’d had them before as he was asking lots of questions but he polished the two off so I think he enjoyed them.

P2 was super excited about her Great-Grandad coming along to Gymboree. The poor man looked exhausted already but we took a stroll down and he was able to join in all the fun. I was so pleased to be able to show him exactly what I go on about over the phone.

Grandad came with us to pick P1 up from the after school club and even spent dinner AND bedtime with us too. It was just after 7pm that he left. Much much later than the usual 3 or 4 o’clock.

I always feel so emotional in the lead up to my Grandad coming over and even more so when I watch him drive away. Since my Nan died, I feel like I have to cherish every single second and moving away from Grandad has been tough. I’m so thankful to have shown him a part of our new world and hopefully the new me.

He was exhausted. For an 84 year old, he did good on Wednesday! Although, I need to remember to get the big camera out and snap lots of photos.

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  1. Awwww this is so adorable. Your Grandad sounds so lovely, your children are very lucky to have a Great Grandad like that. I loved that he went to a toddler group with you and made himself useful too. 🙂

    Laura x

  2. aww it’s so lovely you have such a close relationship with your grandad and good on him for being so involved! x

  3. This is so lovely. My grandad is 88 and lives 500 miles away. I always try and visit when we head back and he loves my little girl. Such a lovely relationship for the girls to have with their great grandad.

  4. Aww such a beautiful post. My Nan is still alive and its always such a special moment to see them together, generations that years ago would never have seen each other. These photos will be precious memories for years to come.

  5. Aww such a lovely post and you got some gorgeous photos even if you feel you needed more. My Nanna often drives over to see us, it’s lovely that my children have a great nanna. They even have a great-great-nan!

  6. Lovely post. I’ve invited my Granddad over for Christmas this year. We don’t see nearly enough of him and it’s always lovely to see him. I’m so glad you all had such a great day, your Granddad sounds like a star, he certainly got involved!x

  7. Aww what lovely photos and it sounds like you had a lovely day x

  8. Lovely photos. He looks like a lovely man and a ‘proper’ grandad if that makes sense?! Such special moments

  9. So lovely that you and your girls get to spend some quality time with your Grandad, time passes by so quickly and before you know it, they’re gone. My grandparents (on my dad’s side) died when i was fairly young and i miss them terribly. I wish they’d have had the opportunity to meet my boys. Cherish every precious moment you can with him xxx

  10. Do cherish those moments. My grandparents never got to be great grandparents and it breaks my heart. Both Grandmas knew I was expecting Ben but neither go to meet him.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      That is really upsetting. I always get very emotional thinking that P2 will never remember her Great-Nan, she was 6 months old when she died and P3 wasn’t even conceived or planned at that point

  11. Looks like you had a lovely day together. Love the photo of your girls sat with him, so special xxx

  12. Innocent Charms Chats

    He did bloody AMAZING I can’t do that at 34. I think this is a beautiful post, I certainly do not spend enough time with my Nana (my only granparent) and you really are such a sweetheart. How lovely to see him doing so much with your girls. xx

  13. This looks like a lovely day, he looks like a proper grandad!! I love an afternoon with my grandad, we’re the same; since nan died you want to appreciate every moment with them x

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