“P3s weight gain is not good, in fact it’s awful!”

At the 6 week checkup P3s weight had dipped slightly. It wasn’t a huge concern because she’d just been ill and on antibiotics. Then today, we visited the health clinic for a weigh in and to see the health visitor. That’s when it smacked us right in the face. P3s weight gain is not good, in fact it’s awful!

This isn’t something I’ve experienced. The initial loss for P1 happened but it then followed a line on the growth chart. P2 slowed slightly and then followed a line at about 10 weeks. But P3 has gained just 4oz in two weeks. It’s bad. She now weighs 8lbs 11oz. If she’d followed the line she was on, P3 should have weighed somewhere nearer 10lbs today. But she doesn’t so now what?!

Well I spoke to the breastfeeding clinic, apparently everything I’m doing is correct. She’s latching fine. They witnessed her feeding fine. They seemed a little worried about the gaps between her feeds as she does tend to go quite a long time, especially at night.

The health visitor wants to weigh her again next week. She has said if things don’t improve she’ll suggest giving P3 a bottle of formula before bedtime. I’m worried. I desperately want her to thrive and gain weight but I want that progress to be because of me, solely me, not because I’ve had to “top up” her feeds with formula.

I feel like a failure. Hubby has said its not my fault but surely it is. She’s fed entirely from me. All me. We have a lot to think about and a lot to discuss. Whether this is the end of our breastfeeding journey, whether I’ll persevere and ignore the HV suggestions of adding formula or give her the top up of formula milk. Right now there’s a lot going through my mind.


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  1. She IS gaining weight. She’s just not conforming to the chart. Not all babies do. It’s an average, not the be all and end all. As long as she’s happy and healthy and not losing weight, I’d stay away from the formula. You’re doing great, Mama. Don’t let the health visitor make you feel inferior.

  2. I would ask for her to be weighed on two different sets of scales. With my youngest at 3 weeks she had only gained a oz in a week, I wasn’t convinced as she was feeding well. After speaking to a couple of people I took her to clinc 2 days later and got her weighed on different scales and she had either gained 10oz in two days or the first set of scales where wrong! After that she was only ever weighed at her six week check, a emergency hospital admission at 4 months so they could give her the correct amount of meds for her weight, 7 month check and that’s it!

  3. I hope P3 does start to gain – she looks absolutely adorable.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  4. If she has short feeds, then maybe shes getting to much fore milk and not enough fatty hind milk. It might be best to express a little bit before a feed or top her up with expressed milk between feeds. Don’t give formula as that can mess with your supply and will likely end your journey. Us mums know whats best for a babies, so do what feel right for you 🙂

  5. I’m sorry to hear your little one isn’t gaining as much as you would like her to. I had similar issues with my little boy. He started gaining and then suddenly stopped and kept losing weight from around 3 months onwards. It got to the point where he was nearing the 10th percentile line at around 5-6 months old.

    Then when we started weaning we found out that he was allergic to dairy and eggs, which was confirmed with blood tests. In hindsight I think that this is why he lost the weight he did so early on, as I had loads of dairy and eggs in my diet when I was breastfeeding. I then had to switch to formula when he was 6 months old. Didn’t want to but at that point he needed it.

    I just wanted to share this as it might be another thing you could consider. I am sure you are doing a great job though and I hope her next weigh in will be better. And by the way, she is very cute 🙂

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