#PampersPooface – Cotton Wool VS Pampers Sensitive Wipes

As a parent we can pretty much guarantee when our children are about to or doing a poo just by looking at their facial expression. Pampers have recently released a hilarious video that celebrates that pooface and it is so super cute!

It’s funny because I really do remember P1 and P2 having a pooface, they still do now, but P3 has been different we have absolutely no idea she’s doing a poo until we see the mess or smell the smell. Pampers asked us to conduct a test at home challenging cotton wool and water with Pampers Sensitive wipes to see which one was better for our baby and children’s skin.

pampers pooface equipment

We were sent the kit which included a cute rubber duck, pH paper, a bottle of Evian (good choice Pampers, my favourite!), cotton wool, a bowl and a pack of Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I was actually really interested by this test and it reminded me of my school science lessons. But most importantly I wanted to see how correct the advice I was given six years ago was, that cotton wool and water is better for your skin. Check out P2 and me testing the pH levels here:

So there you have it. Pampers Sensitive Wipes have a lower pH than cotton wool and water. I thought that maybe it would only be slightly or the same but when the dot turned completely yellow I was actually quite shocked. It immediately took me back to when P1 was born. She was premature by 7 weeks and the Special Care Baby Unit insisted I use just cotton and water for changing her nappy as this was the kindest thing to her very delicate newborn, premature skin. Doing the experiment to test the pH levels was eye opening.

pampers pooface changing

For me having baby wipes to hand is part of our daily life. I take a packet out with me no matter where we are going and I’ve even been known to carry them when I’m child free. Obviously they serve the purpose during nappy changing but their jobs are endless really.

pampers messy wipe

Dirty faces. Snotty noses. Sticky fingers. Are another obvious use of a baby wipe and the Pampers Sensitive means they are extra gentle on the skin and feel super soft to touch too. I’ve used baby wipes to clean surfaces, paint marks off the wall and even my computer screen or kitchen top when the time is limited.

I definitely think Pampers Sensitive wipes are far superior to the cheaper own supermarket brand. They are wetter, thicker and softer and are able to clear up mess with very little effort. Allowing me to not fear the mess but to embrace it that little more as I know that the flour mess from baking cakes or the leaky bottom changes are going to be very swiftly removed using wipes.


I’m working with BritMums and Pampers testing their wipes and featuring their new #PampersPooface video. I was provided wipes and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit
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