Papoozle Baby Carrier Review

I’m small. I go on about it over and over again. It has its advantages and it has disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that I struggle to baby wear. To date, I have owned and tried three baby carriers, two of these worked nicely for P2 but the same ones just aren’t working with P3.


Our fourth baby carrier to enter our lives is the Papoozle. This carrier sort of combines others that I have tried. It is made from a really stretchy fabric as well as a very secure waistband that is buckled at the back.


The carrier is made up of two parts; the main carrier and a belly band that is wrapped around your baby.

The inside of the straps are padded, but are not stiff at all. There is also padding where your baby’s legs are for optimum comfort.


The Papoozle is so easy to put on. I was slightly daunted at first as it looks like a very long piece of fabric and I didn’t get on with the last one, where you had to wrap and loop, you get the picture. The Papoozle is very different. It is simply buckled around your waist at the back, which can be adjusted to fit correctly on all different shapes and sizes. Then you put the two straps over your shoulder and cross at the back, bring forward and tie in a double knot at the front directly above the waistband. The belly band then wraps around and tied in a double knot at the back.

Putting P3 inside the carrier was so simple! P3 was so calm throughout the whole process. The carrier is so comfy to wear and she fell asleep pretty quickly after putting her inside. I loved how at the moment her head is not in the way and I’ve been able to use it indoors to get some housework done.


I opted to take the Papoozle instead of the pram a few days ago when we visited Santa at a Nature Trail. We were running a little late so I forgot to wrap the belly band around but it was still so secure and P3 was tucked snuggly inside the straps with support from the padding. We also walked around the nature trail and the whole time I was comfortable and P3 had absolutely no idea we’d even been out!

I can see us using this at home a lot more than for outdoors trips as I did find that when putting the carrier on and taking off, the straps flopped onto the ground which isn’t great during the winter with the floor being wet more often than not, however, I think this only happens due to my short stature.

You can buy your own Papoozle for £49.99.


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Very easy to use baby carrier. The most comfiest I've tried.

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