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I love thinking back to my own childhood holidays and the memories that surround them. Lots of country air, fields, animals and pure magical experiences. My Grandad had a very close friend who owned a farm in Somerset. We’d spend our holidays there helping muck out the cows, running around the many acres of fields and feeding the animals. For me, the daughter of a veterinary nurse, I was in pure heaven. Each year our holiday would either be there, or to Scotland for even more fresh country air and chickens!


I want my girls to have these memories too. Unfortunately, my Grandad’s friend passed away and the farm was sold so for us to experience something quite the same we’d have to find a suitable venue. Something quite like Treworgey Cottages in Cornwall. I’ve never been to Cornwall. I’ve heard it’s lovely though.

We lead such a hectic, noisy life now there’s five of us and my idea of a holiday certainly wouldn’t be visiting a busy city somewhere. A holiday is a place to relax and escape the norm. Treworgey Cottages has 15 cottages set in a 150 acre farm, being in the countryside, surround my fresh air and greenery, hearing the sound of farm animals would just be bliss.


I’ve been camping, I’ve stayed in hotels but nothing would ever beat staying in a traditional cottage. I love cottages. To be honest, they’re my dream home. Looking out across fields every morning. Smelling the wet grass. Cottages give such a warm cosy feeling, even the bigger style cottages. Treworgey has different sized cottages which have all been restored leaving the uniqueness and quirkiness. I just love the wood, the low ceilings and the cute windows. There’s something so inviting.


With kids in tow we’d be looking for the amusement factor too because there’s nothing worse than bored children. Being able to play ball and get closer to nature than ever before. We don’t have a garden you see and there’s only so much you can do on the small green across from our house that’s right near a main road. Escaping that and being “let free” would just be magical. My girls really blossom in the outdoors and are happiest by the side of my Grandad helping to pick peas and plant flowers. I was too!

As the daughter of a veterinary nurse I’ve always been at my best when with animals. At Treworgey Cottages the girls would be able to not only enjoy the freedom of the outdoors but to be able to visit all the resident farm animals that live at Treworgey. They offer horse riding lessons too which certainly appeals to me and I know the girls, especially P1, would love this opportunity to help strengthen her legs. She struggles with hyper mobility but she really enjoyed horse riding over a year ago.


There’s also an outdoor heated pool at Treworgey. P1 and P2 love swimming. Which has always surprised me as P2 hates baths. But it’s something we don’t do very often and that’s why holidays are a fantastic way to leave the normal routine behind and do things as a family.

Treworgey has so much to offer on site. I’d imagine we’d stay there and completely forget to take a look around the nearby villages. With the ability to borrow cots, stair gates and high chairs etc this would be such a stress free holiday! Playgrounds, indoor beach, games and even some children’s groups during school holidays makes this such a wonderful parent friendly stay.

I fear that we’d have to literally peel P1 and P2s fingers from the gates to go home at the end of our stay. Have you ever had a magical holiday full of memories from your past that you are desperate for your children to experience?

(This is my #parentpanel entry with Parent Friendly Stays to win a stay at the Treworgey Cottages)

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  1. I love the older pictures of you. My fondest memories are of somewhere in Devon called Little Comfort Farm which specialised in cottages and gave me and my brother the chance to play on a “real farm” – I loved it there.

    Lizzie Dripping

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