Parragon Book Buddies – Growl With The Animals Review

When I arrived for my first ever BritMums Live in 2014 I was completely overwhelmed by it all. Then when I saw the Parragon stall with ginormous cupcakes (I was pregnant with P3 at the time) I started to feel much more comfortable. I’ve always been a lover of books and with technology taking over our lives I still want my girls to experience the old fashioned physical book. So with this in mind it didn’t take me long to stuff my face with cake and sign up to be a Parragon Book Buddies. However, I somehow got forgotten and this month we received our first book for the girls.

parragon book grown with the animals

Growl With The Animals is as it sounds, a book about animals but it is actually very different to the usual books with the typical animals in; Elephant, Giraffe, Lion. This book has ten animal sounds; a Wolf, Bear, Whale, Dolphin, Hyena, Toucan, Tree Frog, Gorilla, Hippo and Lion. Each page has simple facts about each animal accompanied with some beautiful photos.

The girls have really enjoyed this book. The buttons are really easy to press and the sounds are very loud – my downside point as a parent wanting peace. I love how the book teaches them unusual facts about animals they wouldn’t always know about.

The book is made out of sturdy cardboard which makes it great for younger readers and has cute little animals tabs at the top. It is only 10 pages long and this book costs £6 which I think is a pretty awesome price!

parragon growl with the animals


Value for Money

A beautiful colourful book with unusual animals. A sound book perfect for younger readers.

User Rating: 4.9 ( 1 votes)

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love how engrossed she looks in the book – great review.

    Lizzie Dripping

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