Parragon Book Buddies – March 2016

I am well aware we are practically half way through April now, but back in March we were sent our latest Parragon Book Buddies parcel and inside was some absolutely beautiful Disney Princesses colouring books.


I have always been into art especially things like drawing and colouring so being sent the Frozen and Disney Princesses Art Therapy Colouring Book has been very up my street. I’m pretty sure they were meant for my own princesses to enjoy but I’ve got to admit that I’ve kept them hidden all for myself.

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby outside of my blog. I’ve been really obsessed with knitting and nearly every evening I do a little bit of various projects I’m working on. Having these colouring books has been really inspiring actually and it’s so calming too after a busy day or when I’m stuck for words for my blog.


The pages in both of the colouring books are really thick which is great for using felt tips. The pictures vary on each page and of course relate to either Frozen or the various Disney Princesses. Some of the colouring is very intricate and needs a lot of focus but the majority would be perfect for a quick light hearted bit of art therapy.

You can get the Disney Princess Art Therapy Colouring Book and the Disney Frozen Art Therapy Colouring Book on Amazon. They would be the perfect gift for a child who not only loves colouring but adores the Disney Princesses. But I will warn you, they are far too good to share!

Disclosure: The products received were sent free of charge as part of our role as a Parragon Book Buddy.

Colouring Books

Value For Money

Excellent Quality and so much fun

These two colouring books are so beautifully made. The pages are super thick and really challenge your colouring abilities. Great for an older child and adults

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  1. What a cute idea. I do love colouring and think these pictures are beautiful x

  2. These look fab! I’m not surprised you wanted to keep them for yourself! x

  3. I love colouring books! I have about 5/6 now and numerous pens and I find it super relaxing in the evening.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. These look fab. I really must find a hobby which is relaxing for the evenings when I want to be away from screens!! xo

  5. These look so cute. I have the Harry Potter colouring book at home x

  6. I love colouring in. If I had more time to myself this would be something I would love to have especially because it’s Disney.

  7. These look brilliant. I love colouring books. I think that I would have taken these for myself too. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. They look lovely! I’ve heard great things about adult colouring books too – I will have to give them a go! x

  9. Sabrina @ The Mummy Stylist

    I’ve got adult colouring books, I love it – so therapeutic! X

  10. These look lovely! My oldest loves colouring but I think she’s a bit old for these- too cool for princesses atm! I bought her a couple of really intricate colouring books aimed at adults for Christmas and she loves them. xx

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