“People tend to laugh at me when I tell them I am trying to lose weight”

This time last year I had started out on a serious weight loss journey with the help of the Juice Plus shakes. I stuck at it for just over two of the three months but it wasn’t fun. In fact each day was a real struggle as I prepared and watched my family tuck into delicious breakfasts and lunches whilst I clutched hold of a Juice Plus milkshake desperate to stuff my face at dinner time.

The relationship I have with food has greatly changed throughout my life. It didn’t start good and I was an extremely fussy eater with my diet consisting of potato waffles, chicken nuggets and baked beans. It was basically “kids” food and convenience foods. Nothing spicy and the thought of going anywhere near a Curry or Chinese make me cringe. Somehow, on little exercise except P.E lessons and swimming, I managed to go for 15 years with an ironing board stomach and a figure that my school friends were jealous of.

Pregnancy and ageing has had a serious effect on my body. It was inevitable really wasn’t it?! After having P1 I did bounce straight back into my size 6 jeans and everyone was completely astonished by it, including me who was expecting parenthood to destroy my body. I was proud and had no real secret because I still was a virgin to exercise and still ate whatever the heck I wanted to which of course was still convenience food. I was known though for never finishing a plate full of food unless it was a roast dinner.

Embarrassingly, the first meal I consumed with Hubby was a snack box KFC and that was enough to fill me up. At the time I didn’t realise that Hubby spent the entire date starving because he’d had the same as me. It’s funny to look back on but our relationship brought more embarrassing moments that related to food. I had to give a list to my MiL of all the foods I would eat so that she could plan a meal specifically for me, although I used to just eat what the kids had whilst they tucked into pizza or lasagne. I know pathetic!


I hated feeling like a hassle and I had been told my whole life that I needed to try new things, after a few months of serious dating and meeting family I decided enough was enough. At aged 20 (ish) I started trying new foods. Different pizzas other than cheese, curry, mince meals like cottage pie, and from there I found a great enjoyment of food. It was quite fun and it was sociable thing too. I began to finish my meals because I was thoroughly enjoying them and whilst I was pregnant with P2 I piled on the pounds. I was my absolute heaviest when pregnant with P2, reaching 50kg and I was hideous both inside and out.

People tend to laugh at me when I tell them I am trying to lose weight. Claiming that I don’t have any fat on me and that I’m beautiful. It annoys me because that’s not how I feel about myself. I lost weight last year and felt confident with the things I wore, short shorts, skirts and skinny leggings with tight fitting tops. At that point I hadn’t even reached my weight goal but I was heading in the right direction. I have no idea what changed but something did and I started to gain more and more weight.

Going into 2016 I am not happy about my body. I am determined though more than ever before. I am not going into 2016 with silly hard to reach goals and spending my time hungry. I currently weigh 44.9kg which puts my BMI as 23, just two points away from being classed as obese. That’s the point I try to make with people. The fact I lack in height means I can’t just eat whatever I like and portions the size of my 6ft tall husband. I am small and therefore my portions should be small and I should really take care about what I eat.


I want to bring my BMI down and my goal weight is 38kg. I have 6kg lose which is quite a bit really but it’s not unachievable. Already I am making better choices for my body. I have switched the bread I eat from white to wholemeal and am using my My Fitness Pal app to count my calories each day. I have a goal of 1,000 calories each day and so far I’m doing really well. I am having smaller portions at meal times to reach my goals, weighing out things and choosing healthier options. I need to exercise more which over the winter period is going to be a little harder as I want to start running again and do more walking but for now it will be toning apps that I can do at home.

I’m currently feeling positive and although I don’t think I’ll be doing a weekly feature of my progress,  I will try to update as my journey goes on. What are your health goals for this year?

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  1. Good luck! I am hoping to loose quite a bit of weight by the end of the year. I am trying to cut down my portions and just have a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating lifestyle

  2. Good luck with your weight loss! I’m trying to lose 7lbs at the moment, I’m not a big fan of takeaways nowadays, would much rather dig into a giant fruit salad! I used to eat what I wanted too growing up, I was really slim and now I have a mummy figure I’d love to tone up now! I gained 28lbs in pregnancy, lost 40lbs, then gained 28lbs again, then lost 36lbs last year! Maintaining it was pretty easy actually, i’ve just been a bit crappy the past few weeks! 🙂 x

  3. Good luck on your weight loss journey. I’m try to have a healthier lifestyle this year and whilst I want to lose weight in the process it’s more about changing my mindset about food. xxx

  4. The diet struggle is REAL! Personally I just do a detox/cleanse twice a year to clean out my system and the side effect is weight loss but since I am a foodie thankfully sweets are my thing, I eat small portions and regularly throughout the day

  5. Good luck! It’s definitely the BMI scale results that I keep an eye on to make sure I’m where I should be (I’m not at the moment). I’m 6ft so my portions are a little bigger than others who are shorter. But portion size is something I need to work on this year.

    Laura x

  6. It is how you feel that counts – but I am a great believer in ignoring BMI. I lost 25kg last year and would still like to lose another 9… just for me and to see what I look like when I get there – natural curiosity I suppose. So glad you are enjoying new foods now though – so many different tastes and flavours out there… however, now you really have got me hankering after a potato waffle as opposed to my shake for lunch. Good luck with your journey chick xx Sim x

  7. I’m the same as you, I want to lose weight and get fit and be healthy. It’s been my goal for several years now, but the good thing is that I know that it is working. Little by little, lb by lb and one day I’ll wake up and see the difference… at least I hope I will!

  8. Thanks for joining in with Blogging to Jogging the healthy living linky. Saddened that people have a go at you as it is your choice how to live your life and how to feel better about yourself so long as you are aiming for good health of course. Pleased to hear you experiment with food more as it can be such a joy and there are loads of tasty healthy options out there now that mean you do not have to feel deprived. All the best and by the way, don’t put yourself down. You really don’t need to do that. Oh and would love you to link back to my blogging to jogging post and display the badge but no pressure

  9. Best of luck – A lot of health comes down to how you feel. Just do it to please you not the people who try to persuade you otherwise

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you for commenting. I have so many reasons to do this… Mainly because I want to look good which is probably really selfish.

  10. Good luck. Just remember you’re noit doing it for anyone else.

  11. Good luck!! Everyones weight journey is different and we have to do what’s healthy for us and makes you happy!! Snacking is my biggest downfall!

  12. Good luck on your weight loss journey! It’s so annoying when people make unsupportive comments, I think they think they are being kind, but it can be disheartening.

  13. Good luck hun. Portion size is my downfall, I tend to eat exactly the same amount as Andy so need to work on that this year!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you. I’m doing well so far but find if I’m stressed I want to eat more and when I do I’m feeling really bloated now.

  14. you sound like you have a great plan in place and it looks like it is working. Good luck #BloggingToJogging

  15. That sounds like such a small number. But you have done your numbers. I am trying lose the weight for my wedding in July. I only have to lose 2-3 kg more. I didn’t really make an effort. All I did was going for walks pushing the buggy.

  16. I think when you look at just the numbers people would be shocked as they seem small, BUT as you put it, it isn’t the number on it’s own you need to look at it is your BMI, your height, you wouldn’t expect a child to eat an adult portion or be an adult weight, why should we put the same expectations on someone who is 5 foot to someone who is 6 foot? Portion size is my biggest enemy, I eat way too big a portion.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you so much for this comment Laura!! I was eating the same as my husband, if not more sometimes. It wasn’t good.

  17. Oh I get really similar responses. I have tried for so long to lose weight and I managed to lose 30 pounds however in two weeks I will be having gastric bypass surgery to help me get to a healthy BMI. It’s been a long process and a hard decision that this is best for me. Good luck with your weight loss. Angela

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