Peppa Pig’s Surprise UK Tour

I have been going to see Peppa Pig at the theatre for a while now. There’s something about that little pink pig that both P1 and P2 have been equally obsessed at the same points in their lives. P2 is yet to experience the theatre side of Peppa and I’m quite excited to announce there’s a brand new UK tour, Peppa Pig’s Surprise!


Mummy and Daddy Pig have planned something special but they can’t say what because then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?! The theatre is coming from the 23rd of October and is being shown at over 40 different theatres across the UK for nearly a year so there’s sure to be a date you can make. Head over to to book your ticket!


The show is very different to previous performances I’ve seen with brand new characters replacing the smaller hand puppets. I can’t wait for P2 to go to the theatre to see her very favourite piggy. I hope Peppa is ready for us. Don’t forget to go and book your tickets before they sell out at

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