Percy The Park Keeper’s Autumn Treasure Hunt At Chiswick House

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to experience Percy The Park Keeper’s Autumn Treasure Hunt at Chiswick House & Gardens in London. I hadn’t done much research into what to expect but saw it was Nick Butterworth’s Percy The Park Keeper and immediately knew we had to attend. His books were some of my favourites growing up.

We decided to drive into London which took us just under two hours. Not bad for a Sunday. We quite enjoyed the journey as it was in the flight path of Heathrow so we could aeroplane spot near the end of it. There is a small carpark at Chiswick House, it is not free and cost £4.40 for up to 4 hours of parking.

Eva had decided to dress up for the occasion with her cute fox outfit and some ears. Just like Percy’s friend, the Fox. The Treasure Hunt is a live theatrical adventure set on the grounds of Chiswick House & Gardens, so wellington boots are recommended. It is also an all-weather activity so the adventure would continue rain or shine.

We arrived early for our time slot, so popped into the toilets which are located near the cafe and house. The house is beautiful and the grounds are so impeccably kept. I enjoy finding little gems like these in our own country.

We followed the signs to the meeting place for Percy’s Autumn Treasure Hunt. The hunt brings forest school, theatre and puppetry all together for an exciting adventure. The hunt follows a simple storyline: Percy The Park Keeper works hard looking after the park and his animal friends who live there. As guests to Percy’s Park, it was our job to help him get his animal friends ready for winter.

We were in small groups outside so it felt safe. Our adventure started in Percy’s hut and let me tell you, that hut smelt delicious! A true woodland smell that ignited all the senses and felt atmospheric. The children sat and listened to Percy explain the adventure that awaits.

We then headed off to help him get his friend’s ready for winter. I don’t want to give too much away because I want to entice you to go and visit for yourself and experience the fun in person. We met lots of different puppet animal friends in various locations in the wood.

Our Percy was incredible! He was so full of life, was engaging and made the whole experience so realistic. All of the children and adults alike were laughing and participating as we adventured through the woodland of Chiswick House.

I would say this experience is targeted for a younger audience who loves Percy The Park Keeper books or woodland adventures and animals. Freya at nearly twelve years old was a bit “over it” whereas my husband and I were so thrilled to be a part of the fun!

We had been invited to the treasure hunt as press and the team had kindly invited us to a little after party near the Chiswick House. It was a great chance to interact with others and enjoy some drinks and pizza. The girls loved having their faces painted as foxes and enjoying the atmosphere.

It was such a normal, exciting afternoon for us. Finally doing something that felt very normal! I’d highly recommend booking tickets for Percy The Park Keeper’s Autumn Treasure Hunt at Chiswick House & Gardens before it finishes.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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