Perfect Summers Day

I spend a lot of the cooler months hiding away, refusing to go out and embrace our British weather but when the sun comes out, ready to warm us all up, I come out of my shell. The summer is my season.

Already, even though it’s not technically summer yet, we have been filling our days with outdoor adventures. Even if that has meant staying in our own garden. The UK has been blessed with some beautifully hot, and even some just ok warmth weather recently. I’ve definitely been embracing it with sandals, summer dresses or shorts.

We recently went back over to Essex to visit my husband’s Nan. It was the perfect weather and opportunity to get on the beach. P3 especially adores beach adventures so we’d packed sand castle building equipment and some toys too.

We went straight from the church to Hubby’s Nan’s house. Then off we went to the little seafront area with cafes and arcades. We’ve been there before so Hubby was very excited about eating a fry up. The way to a mans heart and all of that.

We happened to be in a bit of a wind tunnel where our table was outside. The girls spent most of their time climbing the horses just outside the arcades. They were happy, we was able to eat and it just felt very relaxed. I am definitely finding them easier to take out as they grow older.

P1 was a little grumpy that day because she’d been at a sleepover the night before and had literally two hours sleep, plus a short nap on our car journey. Despite this she was generally behaving quite well, I was very shocked.

After our food, we headed into the arcades ladened with 2p’s. The girls love the arcades, we’ve only done it once or twice in their entire lives but they get so much joy and excitement over it. Winning more 2p’s and gaining little tickets. They only managed to get enough for a lolly each but that was fine for them.

We then went to find the beach. Sadly the tide was in so our plans briefly got changed. Hubby grew up in the area so knew of a playground nearby. The girls didn’t seem too disappointed thankfully.

Then as we approached, we managed to find a brilliant sandy beach where the tide wasn’t in at all. The girls were so excited! We got out all of the bits we’d brought with us and set up for some sand fun. We enjoyed some ice cream and it honestly felt like we were on a holiday and not in the UK. There was barely any wind at all allowing the sun to warm our skin.

We had a lovely day. I filmed it obviously, below, and it was definitely one of those days I will cherish forever. It was great spending time as a family and enjoying the really simple things in life. Summer is definitely my season.

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