Picking Our Own Pearls At Isle Of Wight Pearl – IOW 2018

I can’t believe I’m still writing these posts over two weeks after our actual trip! Life has been crazy which hopefully I’ll get round to writing about soon. I sort of miss my personal blog posts.

Finally the sun was shining, typically for our last full day on the island. There was blue skies over our caravan at The Orchards Holiday Park. We were booked in to experience the Pick-A-Pearl at the Isle Of Wight Pearl. It was a nice activity to start our last day and an indoor one too. We have been to the Isle Of Wight before and enjoyed a delicious meal in their cafe. Honestly, they do the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted at a great cost.

We were booked in for 10am, right as they open the doors, and like usual we arrived early. The girls had a little wander and play outside before being let inside. There’s a beautiful display in the entrance and the girls got to take their first proper look at what a pearl actually was.

As part of the experience we had a little masterclass. A lesson all about pearls and where they come from. A pearl is a hard glistening object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk or another animal, such as a conulariid. Cultured or farmed pearls from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels make up the majority of those currently sold. There are four different types of pearl; Freshwater, South Sea, Akoya and Tahitian pearls. Some are more expensive than others.

The girls got to hold real pearl jewellery, some of which cost thousands of pounds, and others that were much more affordable. We were also shown the difference between fake and real pearl necklaces which was very interesting actually. Pearls are cold to touch and love to be held, holding them or wearing them close to skin improves their quality from the natural oils in our skin.

After the masterclass the girls were able to pick their own pearls. The freshwater pool has lots of different shaped, coloured and sized oysters to choose from. The lady advised that the darker the colour usually the darker the pearl colour is. Size and shape doesn’t matter as some may have more than one in there, others just the one.

P1 picked her pearl first. As part of the Pick-A-Pearl experience you can watch the staff open up the pearl, have the pearl measured and also get an evaluation on the pearl inside. P1’s pearl was surprisingly big, 8mm, it was the classic white colour and has a value of £65. I was shocked. Next up was P2, who surprised us even further by finding an oyster with twins. Her little pearls were slightly smaller at 6mm each, valued at £40 each both the classic white too. Then P3 found a 7mm pearl that was a little rarer in colour with a champagne/pink hue to it, worth £55. The girls were all so happy and proud of themselves.

I believe this package costs around £20 on it’s own, you can also have an afternoon tea for an extra cost which I’d highly recommend judging by our previous experience in the cafe. We had a little wander around the jewellery showroom and at the beautiful views. We want to frame the oyster shells and pearls to be displayed, I’d love to have them made into little rings or earrings (in P2’s case) for when they are 18 years of age. Hubby was given a ring on his 18th and funny enough so was I.  I think this would make a really special touch to know that they actually picked them when hey were young.

There’s a little chocolate shop next door to the Isle Of Wight Pearl which I couldn’t not mention here. We always go in and buy one chocolate bar to share between our family. It’s been the strawberry and milk chocolate both years. There’s lots of flavours and gifts in there too. Definitely go in there if you are nearby!

With the weather positively glorious compared to the rest of our Isle Of Wight trip, we decided to head back to our second favourite place on the island, Tapnell Farm Park (If you want to read more about Tapnell Farm then click the link) It’s not far from The Orchards Holiday Park or Isle Of Wight Pearl so it seemed fitting for our last day.

We arrived quite soon enough opening time and it was already much busier than earlier in the week. It made sense because the weather was sunny and warm. Tapnell Farm is a more outdoor venue although is mainly all under cover. The next part of this post is a heavy bulk of photos that I really wanted to include for my own memories but also so you can see the fun we had on our last day.

The photo above was taken a few seconds before P2 landed back into some wet mud, she wasn’t happy at all but Hubby and I were in hysterics. She got over it quickly thankfully as I told one of my own childhood mud drama memories.

We decided to leave Tapnell Farm at about 3pm, we wanted to go back to the holiday park to start packing but at the same time we wanted to make the most of the weather and the time we had left of our holiday. There was a little model railway I’d heard of at Fort Victoria so we headed there.

Sadly the model railway was closed but we did stop there for a walk along the beach. It was spectacular there. I could sense so much history. The landscape honestly was breath taking. Hubby and I had no idea this was here and was right on our doorstep last year when we stayed at The West Bay Club. We’ve popped it on our mental list of places to visit next time.

Back at the holiday park we decided against swimming. Instead I took P2 and P3 to the playground whilst Hubby stayed at home with P1. I then spent the entire evening packing up our things and getting ready for departure tomorrow. Last days are always a little bittersweet aren’t they? I felt butterflies as usual about the impending return of reality.

I have eight blog posts from our most recent trip to the Isle of Wight and there’s a whole playlist for my Isle Of Wight holiday videos and I’d love it if you could pop over and take a watch. I hope you enjoy our video below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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